Character Profile: Shmoney 🩸

Shahram Tokay, otherwise known as Shmoney has been quite the topic for journalist ‘6ixademiks’. He’s been relevant ever since TheDirtySurrey emerged back in 2021 and that’s partly because of his strong allegiance to the BIBO Entertainment set aka the Red Scorpions faction. The other reason why he’s been so relevant is that he’s done some […]

Character Profile: Drilldoc 🩸

Jasmit Badesha, more commonly referred to as ‘Drilldoc’, is a west coast artist that has seen it all in his 23 years of existence. At one point in his early life, doc was considered an honourable Brothers Keepers member/ ???? worker until the viral images of his vicious beating came to light. This was a […]

Street Justice In UK: 👳🏾♂️

I would usually leave situations and incidents like these for our videos section; however – this one deserves it’s own piece. A clown looking figure hailing from the United Kingdom was recorded on video beating an elderly Sikh employee he had contracted for a labour job. The rest was history… the demons started pouring in […]