About Us

A message from our founder

TheDirtyNews is and always has been an independent journalistic blog that has consistently provided the very blatant and unfiltered content that these media outlets fail to display. Majority of you are familiar with the old moniker in ‘TheDirtySurrey’, however it was decided that rebranding would be better suited for the platform due to it’s overall coverage in gang and youth culture. With what once started as a lower-mainland specified focus, 6ixademiks began to shed light on gang cultures all across Canada. With over 100k Instagram followers (if our accounts never got disabled), TDN has decided to listen to it’s engaging audience and finally go on in creating a website/blog that no longer has to fear guidelines or restrictions set out by other platforms.
The platform was originally started about 2 years ago and over the course of our career, we’ve only ever prioritized on agendas that minimize the ongoing gang violence. Though we have a reputation for sharing graphic content in regards to some of these gang hits, it’s an approach we will always follow because it’s the only one that works. Getting the community involved and present on what these shootings look like or why they’re happening has always been our goal.
Our platform has never had or HAS ties to any specific gang or set that we have highlighted. 6ixaktv/TDN will continuously speak out against gang violence and the very harsh reality that comes with these ‘rich and luxurious lives’. 
If you or anyone you know feels like there is a mistake with any of the stories associated to our blog; please CONTACT US. If you or anyone you know feels like you’re in danger of any of these events, please call (911) or the gang task force (778) 290-2040