Over the last few days, we were without our blog/website so we will now be including some of the stories/events that we’d covered on our social media platforms. Not all events will be covered as some will have it’s own post associated to it, however we will pretty much cover majority of August. It’s important […]

Character Profile: Jimi $lice Sandhu

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Meninder Dhaliwal/Sat Gill Homicide: 🙏🏾🙏🏾

As always, we get the drop first. We were hit with some ridiculous news on July 24. One of the Brothers Keepers big dogs was shot to death in Whistler, BC. The other, Sat Gill, was allegedly celebrating his birthday weekend in the resort town and ultimately lost his life by being in the wrong […]

3 Shot/ 2 Dead: 💥💥💥 – July. 30 Shooting

As usual, we were first to the scene and first on dropping the victims names. Jordan Krishna (19) and Robeen Soreni (20) were confirmed to be dead on scene while Harbir Khosa (26) aka TooShort is still apparently fighting for his life on life-support. Thank you to whoever sent this picture… major outlets followed our […]

LoloLundski: 🍌

A few videos and clips have not been shared on this version of the story. If you would like to access to those clips, it will be under our exclusives ???? content. Please subscribe. A lot of people get it wrong when they say we’re one sided. The BIBO entertainment camp was a large portion […]

Rabih Alkhalil Escapes Prison: 🐺

As always, we’re first to the news and always ahead of major news outlets, even though we have a budget that consists of a broken macbook and cracked cellphone. He is one of the most well-connected high-profile gangsters to come out of the west-coast and is a very high ranking member of the Wolfpack set. […]

The Ruffians – Set Profile 🕵🏿♂️

About a month ago – We came across an article highlighting Punjabi gangs of Canada and how they’ve been amplified even more after Sidhu Moosewala’s murder. Included in the article is legendary Kal Dosanjh, a veteran VPD officer who speaks about a fairly new gang that’s composed of strictly international ???????? students. The set he […]

Character Profile: Big Boparai🐐

Where do I even begin with the fierce Big Boparai. One of the most feared men in all of ????????, this is an individual whom is heavily linked to very well connected members of the United Nations set (set break-down either tonight or tomorrow). You’ve most certainly seen videos of the viral creature over social […]

GetBackGang Activated: HD/KG 💥💥

One of the biggest stories we’d covered during our come-up on IG with our original handles; ‘6ixademiks’, ‘6ixademikz’ and ‘6ixademik’ (all deleted now ????) was the Harb Dhaliwal (BK) and Karman Grewal (UN) homicides. Both had occurred in 2021 with Harpreet Dhaliwal being gunned down first, on April. 17/21 outside the well-known Cardero’s restauraunt in […]