Character Profile: Atwal Bros INTRO

Been getting way too many messages as to why we haven’t posted any character profiles on any Brothers Keepers’ members. Literally though… take a look. Don’t think this influenced us to get this out ASAP, we had this one in the vault for quite a bit now. It’s also the best CP to get into […]


Today’s video is one that is already on the VIP content page. It’s one that many have you already probably seen but because of how relevant it is to Asher Khan, we decided to release. Asher aka VD was a BK phone line worker that was ultimately shot to death at a Kelowna gas station. […]


Today’s three will feature some throwbacks that we have on repeat constantly. Toronto artist TG. Not sure where he is these days.. probably jail. Dead artist based out of Toronto, Giovanni. legendary banger…..

Social Media Snitchin’ – Week 1️⃣:

We initially started these quick little write-ups of self-incriminating incidents on our old blog, however we all know how that ended. It’s honestly just a reminder on why these gangsters don’t last too long on the streets and a big part of that over the last decade; has been social media. We’ve been covering high […]