Our first video got @thedirtynewz disabled we’re pretty sure and it has to do with the situation out in Alberta. Arman Dhillon just got smoked and an individual found some of his close associates and called them out on live camera, which later was sent to us. Rest in peace AD. We actually respect these […]

2 Thieves Steal An Innocent Man’s Dog 🐶 :

UPDATE: DOG HAS BEEN FOUND! ——————————————————————— We were hit with unfortunate news today after our account was taken down, and when an individual pleaded with us to help him find his dog. We haven’t seen something like this in BC for a long time, but with the CCTV footage and how big our platform is; […]


They took down @thedirtynewz and @6ixaktv. Not sure if we’ll receive any of them back, but we will continue to try and appeal. Seems like IG is glitched out with it’s appeals, as we can’t seem to successfully appeal without being hit with an error code. OUR ONLY ACTIVE IG ACCOUNT AT THE MOMENT IS […]