LoloLanski Sentenced To 4 Years 🔒

With the release of “The Rise & Fall Of BIBO” tonight for subscribers – we figured it would be best to explain the jail/prison situation regarding rapper LoloLanski in more detail. If you’re new to the blog and scene in general – make sure you’re caught up with one of our first CP’s in LoloLanski […]

2 Pit bulls Kill Baby & Toddler 😱

VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED ???? A pair of family pit bulls mauled a 2 year old girl and 5 month-old boy to death, whilst leaving the mother in critical condition as she attempted to fight the dogs off. It’s seems like a script out of a HollyWood movie, but on Wednesday afternoon – just […]


All of our videos for today’s ????OTD will revolve around headlines and news-worthy scenarios. They all occur in Canada, and more specifically in and around BC. We have a maintenance update scheduled for 3:30 AM PST tonight, but if you’re a subscriber and you’re a night-owl; make sure you stay up for our first release/update […]


It’s come to our attention that one of YYC’s most feared Gyani Gangsters in PD has just recently been arrested after attempting a jewellery heist in Maple Ridge. We’ll do a little history into the codeine-loving Gyani as we progress into the write-up. Parampreet Dhaliwal, originally from BC but later made a family-move to Calgary; […]