Vancouver Incidents 📰:

Follow our Twitter @6ixademiks. A lot of our viewers wanted us to publish a piece on a few interactions that we had covered on our Instagram/Twitter platforms. Therefore, we will be uploading both situations that revolved the knife yet again, as well as the recent controversy surrounding the trans rights rally. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Not much to […]

BC Gangs Transitioning Into Toronto 🎵:

Our only instagram account is @thedirtynewstv. We are mainly active on Twitter now only @6ixademiks. SMAN Homicide Case SMAN Back In Blood Story Kang Brothers Story Drilldoc’s Story Lololanskis Story BK SET PROFILE ATWAL Brothers Story Oakville Double Shooting Story DG Story Skidz Story Duvy taking shots at deceased BFR/BK associate in SMAN. The brother […]