Keegan ‘Icy’ BankaSingh: Toronto’s Skinner

A person like Keegan, in his forties with a long list of offenses, should not be anywhere near our women and children. We usually don’t address such situations, but there comes a point when we can’t ignore it anymore. He is of the same breed as Diddy. Growing up on the tough streets of Toronto, […]

Project Soft Landing: InterProvincial Drug Network

Yesterday morning (MAY 1), news reverberated across the nation as authorities in Manitoba unveiled a significant inter-provincial network that had now been dismantled, as disclosed in a media release. While the discovery of such operations is heartening, it also underscores the pervasive presence of numerous undisclosed teams and nationwide networks, highlighting the extent of criminal […]

Edmonton Police VS Indian Government

Project Gaslight has shocked the entirety of Alberta. 2 days ago, on the 24th of April – Edmonton Police Service detectives released a series of surveillance videos depicting suspects in an extortion series targeting the Sikh community. We have included every surveillance video in this 8+ minute compilation: Maintenance complete. VIP stories released again in […]

WhiteRock Serial Killer: ARRESTED 🤡

KILLER HAS BEEN ARRESTED ON APRIL 29/2024: CURRENT DESCRIPTION OF KILLER: (NO MOTIVE HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED) The province was hit with startling news revealed by law enforcement. WhiteRock faces another bout of terror, but this time it doesn’t involve any criminal gangs. Innocent international students have fallen victim not only to one near-death experience […]

LoloLanski Charged For ON Prison Attack

BIBO’s mainstream talent in Ekene Anigbo isn’t ever coming home it seems like. Lundski finds himself in hot waters once more, but this time the focus is on violence within the confines of a prison, rather than in our communities. Recently, details emerged about an incident at Ontario’s Colins Bay Institution involving Lolo Lanski. Reports […]

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Bianca H. VS Vanessa A. – Battle Of Thots

Appreciate everyone staying patient while we had personal issues to deal with. We no longer have any limitations or anything that will stop us from reaching our potential. No current schedule will be released – just expect a drop everyday! About 2 and a half weeks ago, we were notified by a few different individuals […]

PD – Pharmacy Heist Demon Sentenced 7 Years

PD THE PHARMACY GOD – Parampreet Singh Dhaliwal gained widespread recognition after our platform brought attention to him. He will no longer have these pharmacy owners go through sleepless nights. Parm’s destiny was recently sealed by an Alberta judge, who sentenced the Calgarian gangster to seven years in prison. Despite ample opportunities to avoid the […]