JasonGGG & Go Get’em Gang: High Ranking GGG Member Murdered

In the past decade rap music and gang violence has had an uptake in Toronto. It’s no surprise that the two go hand in hand, sometimes, a little too literally. Street gangs in Montreal have taken notes and followed suite. But this article is a Toronto story from the get-go, a ton of bloodshed has […]

Shooting In North York Leads To A 51 Year Old Man’s Death

Toronto’s 19th homicide of the year occurred near the intersection of Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue at around 6am, more specifically towards 6:20am on a strip of road where bars are present even though it is a commercial plaza. Jolly An, a 51 year old man was declared dead Saturday morning (6/4/2024) after an altercation […]

Frederick Michel: Member Of Laval’s ’24 Gang’ Shot To Death

Laval is a neighboring island North of Montreal, in organized crime, Laval goes hand-in-hand with Montreal, such as Longueil goes hand-in-hand with Montreal on the South Shore. There is as much violence on the North Shore as there is on the South Shore. This has been proven in the wee hours of Thursday morning, in […]

Montreal Arms Trafficking: McEdwin Vilmeus Has His Day In Court

Within the last decade, Montreal has taken a violent turn for the worst. With shootings happening left and right and stabbings in-between. It is hard to keep up with the increase in violence. For shootings to occur throughout the island, or province, there need to be guns, or firearms. To procure firearms, there are two […]

Alexander Vinogradsky: Toronto Tow-Truck Mogul Shot Dead

Toronto’s 17th homicide of the year took place on the morning of last Thursday (28/03/2024) at 10:46pm near Finch Avenue West and Dufferin Street. The victim was 39 year old Alexander Vinogradsky, a man that police has reported has been at the top of the hierarchy in to tow-truck turf wars. For those of you […]

Montreal Shooting Gone Bad: 2 STL Gang Members Die In Car Crash

This past Thursday, at 5am, a shooting had occurred between two vehicles. The shots were fired from a black SUV. Nearly 10 minutes later, just 5 kilometers from the first scene, another vehicle was targeted in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough of the city. A little after the second shooting, residents of Rosemont heard a loud bang […]

Montreal Mafia: The Lopez Brothers Arrested

This past week we had a police sweep in Quebec City, targeting the Hells Angels Quebec City chapter with 16 arrests made. The day before, we had a sweep of 13 arrests made on the Montreal Mafia and their associates. Nearly 400 police officers were necessary for this operation. Even earlier this week we had […]

Raymond ‘Cowboy’ Boulanger: The Cartel Pilot From Quebec

Raymond Boulanger was quite the character, and also, quite the pilot. He had a nick for the charisma he portrayed, mainly, when he was apprehended in an arrest while taking flight and smuggling nearly 5 tons of cocaine from Colombia for the Montreal mafia on November 19th, 1992. When media was snapping photographs of him, […]