Raymond ‘Cowboy’ Boulanger: The Cartel Pilot From Quebec

Raymond Boulanger was quite the character, and also, quite the pilot. He had a nick for the charisma he portrayed, mainly, when he was apprehended in an arrest while taking flight and smuggling nearly 5 tons of cocaine from Colombia for the Montreal mafia on November 19th, 1992. When media was snapping photographs of him, […]

Jacques Delisle: The Criminal Judge

Jacques Delisle was a reputable judge, one of Quebec’s finest throughout the decades leading up to a certain tragedy. Born in 1935, he served as a Quebec City supreme court judge from 1985 all the way up to 2009, with seven of those years, being served as a judge for the supreme court of Quebec […]

Criminal Lawyers: Frank Shoofey

The Montreal Gazette office’s phone was ringing in the evening on October 15th of 1985. A man was at the other end of the line. Declaring a statement that would shock the journalists and secretaries in the office. On the other end of the line, was a man claiming to be a member of the […]

Murder-For-Hire: Serge Quesnel

The year was 1993, it was fall, where leaves were turning yellow and the ground was getting cold. But on October 20th, it wasn’t just the ground that turned cold and hardened, but also the heart of a Trois-Rivieres native by the name of Serge Quesnel. A gruesome murder would occur that day, perpetrated by […]

Murder-For-Hire: Gerald Gallant

On May 5th, 2006, in Geneva, Switzerland, law enforcement detained a 56-year-old individual on charges of credit card fraud, coincidentally on his birthday. This individual had deceived jewelry stores, amassing $250,000 through the purchase of high-end watches using counterfeit credit cards. His illicit activities had yielded a total of $400,000. To Swiss authorities, he was […]

Iran & BC Gangs: Naji Sharifi Zindashti

UPDATE: NEW FOOTAGE DEPICTING MAJHU & GARCIA’S DEATH IN GREAT DETAIL ORIGINAL STORY BEGINS ⬇️ AFTER THE NEW UPDATE WE INCLUDED. Discovering Mr. Zindashti’s involvement as the mastermind behind the recent controversy left us utterly stunned. This was a man with strong connections to Iran’s leadership, to the extent that he held the responsibility of […]

Mustafa ‘Prince’ Khan: PK CP ✍✍🏾

Prince Khan aka PK is still a name that’s talked about quite a lot in the lower-mainland. It isn’t because he was directly linked to SMAN’s homicide, or because he’s related by blood to Red Scorpion Moeen Khan (currently incarcerated); his name still rings bells because of controversies and leaked phone-calls. These DBOYS losing their […]

Amritpal Singh ‘Umba’ Saran Updates:

PSA: We had a news reporter write an email to us (earlier in the day) in regards to 2 photos that we had uploaded on [ https://thedirtynewz.com/news/amrit-umba-saran-shot-to-death-%f0%9f%95%8a/ ]. It seems as if she was frustrated, after we called her out on twitter for stealing information on our legendary story. Going forward – we will have […]

Undercover Operation: The Amer Crime Family

We’ve had a huge increase in our overall viewership, especially in Alberta. This is primarily because of the ongoing gang war, and the awkward user-submissions from the Amer’s. Everyone that’s in tune has usually nothing good to say about the family, and it’s widely speculated that this group of guys did a lot of dirty […]

YYC’S Most Wanted: The Amer’s (INTRO)

We dived into a whole new world when we covered the back-to-back shootings that almost saw 2 brothers get gunned to death (Rami & Older brother). Originally – we received information that suggested the 2 brothers who got shot back-to-back, were under the leadership of the Amer’s. And because our platform posts the TRUTH & […]