*Full song can be found at the very bottom of this post* With the recent news of ‘Baby 2’ aka Tyjae Noseworthy-Smith being the primary suspect in the Pickering casino homicide; we have decided to release an unreleased banger featuring Baby 2’s CEO in Bundog. Not only does it include Pressa’s brother on the hook […]

Remember Me, BC Edition 🤔❓:

With everything that’s been going on the past few days, weeks and months; we thought it was best to show you guys as to how a Regent Park rapper in Toronto attempted to bring love and unity to the city. It unfortunately did not work out but we think we’re going to get a BC […]

🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 OF AUGUST:

We’re releasing our Apple playlist again, and including a Spotify one as well. For now, we’ll give you guys a recap on what we were listening to in the month of August. Mixtapes, albums, singles, etc – we won’t keep it exclusive to Canadian artists only. Announcement on our daily-updated playlists will be released in […]


Today we decided to switch it up and feature some of our all time favourites in freestyles. Today will feature five instead of three because of our missed day in yesterday. It also will not be exclusive to Canadian artists, but we will have two. Tory Lanez absolutely ripped this shit… ???????????? Very underrated artist […]

🎵🎵🎵- OF THE DAY:

Today’s top three was a little delayed due to personal circumstances. However we will be featuring songs released in 2022 once again – but this time not limited to BC. Rexdale native PVRX just released his new visual in “Hope You Understand”. Obviously he finds himself on the opposite side of the fence in regards […]


Today’s top three will feature very new songs that have been released by west-coast artists. The latest hit from the BK/CTB set. It features Certi2x who is now incarcerated and therefore could not be available for the video shoot. Or it was during the time he was on the run. Jaye on the other hand […]


Today’s three will feature some throwbacks that we have on repeat constantly. Toronto artist TG. Not sure where he is these days.. probably jail. Dead artist based out of Toronto, Giovanni. legendary banger…..


Everyday we’ll include 3 songs that we got on repeat. A lot of people enjoy our taste in music and have been asking for playlists for god knows how long; and therefore, we’ll be uploading 3 tracks a day. Majority of the tracks will be based out of Canada, as we are a Canadian-based blog. […]