Project Chrome: Toronto Authorities Seize 71 Guns

Any crime journalist with half a brain will tell you “guns go up, drugs go down”. I say this in relation between Canada and the United States, Mexico excluded. With Canada’s strict gun laws, it is inevitable that most of these unregistered, illegal firearms come from the United States. On the other hand, with America’s […]

Blood Family Mafia Lieutenant Apprehended In British Columbia

British Columbia seems to have had an influx of criminals from Quebec being arrested in their province this summer. First off, there was the Zone 43 drug bust, in which several gang members were arrested with a hefty amount of drugs, pistols, along with close to 150,000$ seized in cash money through ‘Project Talon’. Then, […]

BK Taunting Gone South: Night Club Shot

About a week ago, we posted a viral video on our social media platforms. It depicted the enemies of the Brothers Keepers celebrating lavishly in what looked like a nightclub/lounge. The following footage may not be suitable for younger audiences, viewer discretion is ADVISED. Many of you were shocked and surprised, and we don’t blame […]

Suspect Involved In Ordering Shoot-Up Of Marco Pizzi’s Dealership Denied Bail

In the province of Quebec, there once was a time where the Montreal mafia and the HAMC, including many of its support clubs and street gangs formed an alliance. Things have changed, this is not the case anymore. In the 2000’s, more specially in 2004, notorious biker, Gregory ‘Picasso’ Woolley, right hand man for Maurice […]

Alberta’s FK Gang Is Now A Laughing Stock

Many videos regarding the Alberta scene (and specific FK incidents) CAN BE FOUND HERE: In recent months, our platform has seen an influx of videos and posts filled with gruesome, ruthless, graphic, and disturbing content. Most of these violent scenarios involve the FK gang in Alberta, who now almost always appear as victims. Many years […]

‘Dirty S’ Shooters Arrested In British Columbia & St-Jerome, QC

When a crime is committed, generally, there is a follow-up that will consist of an arrest, a court date and eventually lead to jail time. This was the case for two people apprehended almost 10,000 kilometers away from each other in mid-June (18/06/2024). Why? Because these two suspects are the ones who pulled the trigger […]

The Attempted Murder Of Antonio ‘Tony Suzuki’ Pietrantonio

Ever since the attempted hit on Leonardo Rizzuto which occurred last year, the Montreal mafia has been keeping a low-profile and has been successfully dodging media outlets. Of course, there was the massive international drug bust ‘Operation Dead Hand’ in which Roberto Scoppa had been a part at the beginning of the year. Roberto Scoppa […]

YYC DBOY Steals From Boss

Over the past two months, we’ve reported on many gruesome and disturbing incidents in Alberta. Since the beginning of the year, Edmonton and Calgary have turned into virtual war zones. When it’s not a homicide, we often encounter graphic content that reflects the harsh realities of the criminal underworld for many of these gang members. […]

Project Realign: A Series Of Unfortunate Events For The HAMC In Quebec

Since the onslaught of kidnappings, torture, arsons and rebellion the Quebec City Hells Angels MC faced from the Blood Family Mafia and independent dealers across Northeastern Quebec at the turn of the year, thunder is roaring down on many chapters across the province nowadays. Some people even criticized how the authorities weren’t cracking down on […]