Founder Of Punjabi Mafia (Toronto) Dead 💀

Breaking news has hit the streets of Brampton and Canada in general, as the founder of Toronto’s Punjabi Mafia in Sukhjit aka Sunny Dhaliwal was found deceased in his garage this morning. He was allegedly at the house by himself, before one of his friends and the girlfriend (of the friend) went to go drop […]

Daily Recap📰

We’ll be covering a few stories that have caught our attention in today’s recap. TWO BODIES FOUND IN CAR NEAR KAMLOOPS – ZERO MEDIA COVERAGE?: As of right now, the only known public coverage this story has gotten is from an Indian news agency. We have provided their version of the story below ⬇️. About […]

BK Member Handed A 5 Year Sentence: 🔒

Most of you were familiar with the big bust that happened over a year ago, which saw several Brothers Keepers go down; most notably one of the highest ranking members in Amandeep Kang. Click here for original details, but basically investigators had this one in the wraps for quite some time. “A three-year investigation netted […]