Tristan Cheetos Tribute:

Today’s ????OTD will serve as a tribute for the fallen DBOY in Tristan Cheetos. He’s had associations in the past with the Brothers Keepers and just recently was working independently on a drug line he was running. Cheetos has had quite the life and experienced incidents that those twice his age haven’t even seen, and […]


We’ll only be including a ????OTD series for the regular blog, and not the VIP one because of the release we’re about to drop in “The Kang Brothers – Intro”. This profile will be made available for the public, excluding certain clips that must be published through a disclaimer process; in about 3-4 days. With […]

Daily Recap 📰:

The last 24 hours has had major stories ranging from charges being laid in murder cases, to hate-motivated crimes and even Hindu extremists going absolutely crazy. We’ll get right into it. Toronto BlueJays Stadium Gets Wild ????: We got some footage for you guys as well, that has already been shared on our twitter feed. […]


We missed a day or 2, so we’ll throw a few gems here for you guys. The first one involves a crazy jewellery heist, that involves masked men keeping the store owners and even the child hostage; until the mission is complete. Luckily no one was injured. The second set of videos we will show […]