Toni Dalipi Declared A Murder Suspect🚨:

News broke out after court records were made public today – in regards to the deceased gangster in Toni Dalipi who was gunned down in Burnaby, late last year. It’s been officially reported that Toni was the primary murder suspect in Baileys homicide; as we have declared and stated in the early months of the […]

Daily Recap πŸ“°:

The last 24 hours has had major stories ranging from charges being laid in murder cases, to hate-motivated crimes and even Hindu extremists going absolutely crazy. We’ll get right into it. Toronto BlueJays Stadium Gets Wild ????: We got some footage for you guys as well, that has already been shared on our twitter feed. […]

BK Member Handed A 5 Year Sentence: πŸ”’

Most of you were familiar with the big bust that happened over a year ago, which saw several Brothers Keepers go down; most notably one of the highest ranking members in Amandeep Kang. Click here for original details, but basically investigators had this one in the wraps for quite some time. “A three-year investigation netted […]


We missed a day or 2, so we’ll throw a few gems here for you guys. The first one involves a crazy jewellery heist, that involves masked men keeping the store owners and even the child hostage; until the mission is complete. Luckily no one was injured. The second set of videos we will show […]

Richmond Shooting:πŸ”₯πŸ’₯

There were reports of shots fired in the Richmond-New Westminster border just after 2 pm. Police are currently on scene and investigating the targeted shooting that allegedly hit a house, in the Fraserbank Place neighbourhood. WILL UPDATE AS USUAL. The house that was targeted belongs to none other than the Samra family. Robbie and Amarpreet […]