Ricco KingPIN Bust 😱

Alberta just saw it’s biggest drug-bust in history and it was a program that was being led by none other than Ricco King. King was more commonly known as being associated to the YYC godfather in Gary Tattoo, whom has now relocated to Dubai. Both King and Tattoo were involved in both murder and drug […]

Jimi $lice Sandhu – Part 1 🍿

A lot of people still ask to this day as to how we heard about Slice’s death in Thailand, and the answer remains the same – we really don’t know.. (sextape HERE ???? VIP ONLY) Almost 12 hours before any other media outlet, we were hit with messages from an instagram ‘burner’ account that ultimately […]

Character Profile: YYC Kingpin👑

Tattoo gets caught lacking while walking with a group of girls. Skidz/Slice ???????? got him that day. 38-year-old Gary Tattoo, legally known as Gursharanjit Parmar is quite the story. Living that old, while being involved in that sort of lifestyle is just extraordinary; hence the reason why they call him the “Godfather”. What makes it […]