Tristan Cheetos Tribute:

Today’s ????OTD will serve as a tribute for the fallen DBOY in Tristan Cheetos. He’s had associations in the past with the Brothers Keepers and just recently was working independently on a drug line he was running. Cheetos has had quite the life and experienced incidents that those twice his age haven’t even seen, and […]

Mani Amar Killed After Altercation:

There has been many rumours going around as to who the murderer was, in regards to Mani Amar’s tragic death. Instagram accounts have even surfaced that have intended on seeking out justice, as the homicide suspect was actually recently released on all charges. Take a look. Who could the killer be? We have reason to […]

Indian Funeral Gone Wrong: 😱

Some Indian female from the Calgary/YYC area just recently went viral yesterday, after uploading a series of videos on her TikTok feed. She’s mainly receiving more backlash than anything else, because she recorded her own family acting out at the funeral; but because of the overall situation – we kind of get why she posted […]


Everyday we’ll be presenting a viral video that helped in growing our platform. Some videos will be throwbacks, whereas others will be up to date. We’ll obviously have to revisit a lot of scenarios and past topics we’d covered during our come up because of how viral they were. Todays video will feature the kabbadi […]