Character Profile: Atwal Bros INTRO

Been getting way too many messages as to why we haven’t posted any character profiles on any Brothers Keepers’ members. Literally though… take a look. Don’t think this influenced us to get this out ASAP, we had this one in the vault for quite a bit now. It’s also the best CP to get into […]

Amrit Saran – Character Profile 💥

24 year old Amrit Saran aka Umba is the last of a dying or locked up breed in regards to the United Nations gang. Everyone around him that he’s grown up with, has either fallen victim to gang violence or has been incarcerated by it. Just recently, one of his close friends in Gursimran Sahota […]

GetBackGang Activated: HD/KG 💥💥

One of the biggest stories we’d covered during our come-up on IG with our original handles; ‘6ixademiks’, ‘6ixademikz’ and ‘6ixademik’ (all deleted now ????) was the Harb Dhaliwal (BK) and Karman Grewal (UN) homicides. Both had occurred in 2021 with Harpreet Dhaliwal being gunned down first, on April. 17/21 outside the well-known Cardero’s restauraunt in […]