September Set Rankings πŸ“Š:

This is technically a ranking that begins when our last ended; Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings – which was published 1 month ago, on August the 16th. The following footage is based on the rankings; featuring the HA set at the start of the video and the Ruffians at the very end: HELLS ANGELS ???? #1 […]


Today’s video of the day will look into the triple shooting that had taken place at the Mexican hotel known as Xcarcet, which took the lives of 2 well known Canadian criminals. Early January, what’s now known to be a cartel hitman, approached the resort with a guest wrist-band (verifies that you are a paid […]

Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings πŸ“Š:

Hells Angels ???? #1 A lot of people tend to disagree when we include the bikers in our rankings because they believe they should be looked at as a club; rather than a gang. However, we beg to differ as the group has dominated the west-coast scene for decades now, and continues to align themselves […]

Rabih Alkhalil Escapes Prison: 🐺

As always, we’re first to the news and always ahead of major news outlets, even though we have a budget that consists of a broken macbook and cracked cellphone. He is one of the most well-connected high-profile gangsters to come out of the west-coast and is a very high ranking member of the Wolfpack set. […]