Burnaby Shooting Victim Identified πŸ’€:

Rip PK aka Mustafa (new updates below) It’s getting reckless in Canada and we’re seeing violence stretch out nation-wide, with the most recent homicide coming out of Burnaby. Last night around 11 pm in the 4700-block of Hastings street, Prince Khan or otherwise known as PK was riddled with bullets and pronounced dead at the […]

Rolling Loud 🩸🩸🩸:

It’s quite surprising that the festival has now completed and has had no reports of fatal injuries resulted by gunshots. Sike – 3 people were just reported to have been riddled with bullets inside a nightclub on Queen st. West, with 2 men being in critical, and the female in minor condition. We almost made […]


We have a massive week in the works, just you wait! In today’s ????OTD, we look at 2 situations; one that had taken place on the streets of Canada, whilst the other was in India. Both had just occurred in the past 24 hours, with the Mississauga road-rage incident taking the cake in being more […]


Today’s video of the day is as recent as it gets, and concerns an Ottawa woman who was being viciously attacked and chased in what looked like an angry mob out of ‘The Walking Dead’. Our last video of the day was in regards to the Memphis woman who was kidnapped whilst jogging, and her […]

🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡 OF AUGUST:

We’re releasing our Apple playlist again, and including a Spotify one as well. For now, we’ll give you guys a recap on what we were listening to in the month of August. Mixtapes, albums, singles, etc – we won’t keep it exclusive to Canadian artists only. Announcement on our daily-updated playlists will be released in […]

Daily News Recap πŸ“°:

A lot has happened over the last 24 hours, particularly today. AMERO AND ALKHALIL CONVICTION ????: The biggest headline came from Kim’s camp, in the convictions of both Larry Amero and the missing Rabih Alkhalil. A BC Jury finally wrapped things up and has gone on in convicting HA member Larry with 2 counts, while […]


Today’s video of the day was posted on our Instagram feed @6ixaktv. Most of you have already probably seen it but for those that haven’t, we’ll introduce you to rapper-turned-pornstar ThugPun. Basically we received intel that the rapper who’s been trying to go mainstream for about 20+ years, has transitioned his talents to the porn […]

EFS Shooting Suspect OTR: πŸƒπŸΏβ™‚οΈ

A Canada-wide warrant was issued yesterday, in connection to the fatal shooting that had taken place at the EFS social club on King st. Click here for details that CityNews has provided. We stick by our original theory in that the shooter had clearly missed his target and instead killed an innocent Punjabi man in […]