Project Soft Landing: InterProvincial Drug Network

Yesterday morning (MAY 1), news reverberated across the nation as authorities in Manitoba unveiled a significant inter-provincial network that had now been dismantled, as disclosed in a media release. While the discovery of such operations is heartening, it also underscores the pervasive presence of numerous undisclosed teams and nationwide networks, highlighting the extent of criminal […]

Grolls ‘OGC’ Septus: Zone 43 Member & Rapper ‘Bloodshot’ Sentenced To 5 Years

It’s hard to say whether rap music influences gang members, or the gang lifestyle produces rappers. These days gang members are more into flaunting the crimes they have been convicted of, rather than ‘making out of the streets’. It’s a different world than the ’90’s and early 2000’s. When Grolls ‘OGC’ Septus committed his crime […]