Project Soft Landing: InterProvincial Drug Network

Yesterday morning (MAY 1), news reverberated across the nation as authorities in Manitoba unveiled a significant inter-provincial network that had now been dismantled, as disclosed in a media release. While the discovery of such operations is heartening, it also underscores the pervasive presence of numerous undisclosed teams and nationwide networks, highlighting the extent of criminal dominance in our country. Presently, it’s commonplace to find ‘DBOYS’ and gang affiliates showcasing their wealth through music videos, luxury apparel, and various other manifestations on social media within Toronto’s community housing projects. Rather than delving into the motivations behind criminals adopting rap as a platform, the focus should shift towards understanding the mechanisms enabling them to amass substantial wealth within remarkably brief periods.

Initiating a phone operation in provinces like Manitoba or Saskatchewan isn’t as challenging as one might think. Once you establish that initial phone number exchange with a customer, you’ll begin receiving an influx of calls from junkies, particularly if your product is of high quality. Our analysis suggests that this so-called “inter-provincial network” likely emerged as a formidable player in the Manitoba drug trade scene. Initially, they operated successful phones offering either ‘soft’ (girls aka cocaine) or ‘hard’ (boys aka crack) substances. Gradually, they expanded into the firearms trade after assembling so many ‘TPs’, (transporters or drivers willing to smuggle drugs or guns for a fee) as they continued to dominate the drug-trade in Winnipeg, constantly recruiting drivers and workers. What began as individual deliveries evolved into supplying other operations and phones across the region. Consequently, their initial single phone became a distribution hub for teams throughout the province. They might have remained unnoticed if not for their greed, which led them to venture into firearm smuggling.

This is just another team making way too many mistakes, and ultimately losing in the long-run. Majority of the real successful operations across the country have gone unnoticed for decades.

Project Soft Landing


As a result of Project Soft Landing, numerous individuals were arrested; while some may face charges at a later date, the following individuals were formally charged with offences related to organized crime, drug trafficking, possession of firearms, proceeds of crimes and laundering proceeds of crime.

  • Darcy WARMINGTON (24) of Winnipeg, MB
  • Kevon WARMINGTON, (34), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Paige PRETEAU (27), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Elvis OYEWOLE (33), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Fiona LEWIS (62), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Cornelius HIBBERT (55) of Winnipeg, MB
  • Tovary SHARPE, (34), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Adrian CHESTON, (28), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Kerry-Ann THOMPSON, (32), of Winnipeg, MB
  • Iwona GLOGOWSKI, (31), of Vancouver, BC
  • Valentin KOKENY, (22), of Vancouver, BC
  • Andy LE, (35), of Hamilton, ON
  • Arber IMERI, (27), Burlington, ON
  • Tyrone REID, (37), of Toronto, ON

Agencies/Police Services Involved:

This investigation was successful due to the assistance of multiple police services and agencies, including:

  • Public Prosecution Service of Canada
  • Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC)
  • Brandon Police Service
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Hamilton Police Service
  • Peel Regional Police Service
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Halton Police Service
  • Vancouver Police Service
  • Via Rail Canada Police

Search Warrants:

On March 6, 2024, twenty-two Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) search warrants were executed throughout Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia.

During these search warrants, the following items were seized:

  • 1.7 million dollars in Canadian currency
  • approximately 30 kilograms of cocaine (estimated street value of $3 million)
  • 4 handguns (including 2 x 3D printed guns)
  • 1 sub-machine gun with a suppressor
  • loaded magazines and ammunition
  • 75 kilograms of cutting agent
  • a hydraulic cocaine press/moulds
  • 12 vehicles, including (1 Rolls Royce valued at $450,000, 4 Mercedes, 2 BMWs,

1 Lexus) 

  • 3 of these vehicles had custom-made concealment compartments

Across the nation, criminal organizations are becoming increasingly sophisticated and resourceful. Project Soft Landing serves as a striking illustration of the opulent lifestyles these criminals lead and the immense profitability they achieve. This particular group was yet another example of a team seeking to expand its profits, but their hubris ultimately led to their downfall by drawing the attention of law enforcement. The unraveling of this network began with a shooting incident on the streets of Winnipeg.

In just 12 months of intensive investigation, law enforcement agencies determined that millions of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs, and possibly firearms, were being trafficked into Winnipeg from the Greater Toronto Area.

Majority of the jewellery pictured was purchased from the infamous Kilani Jeweller in Toronto. We see this with many ‘OT Programs’, in that the drug dealers tend to always purchase jewellery with their profits from the Toronto jewel giants.

This criminal network used couriers, railways and bus lines to traffic drugs and guns into Winnipeg.

In early March, investigators opted to intensify their probe after pinpointing certain individuals within the network who were implicated in a shooting incident that occurred that same month.

And as a result – a major team has been removed from the underworld. Another has probably stepped in it’s place by now.

SOURCES: (from now on – we’ll be revealing our sources in every write-up)

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