Undercover Operation: The Amer Crime Family

We’ve had a huge increase in our overall viewership, especially in Alberta. This is primarily because of the ongoing gang war, and the awkward user-submissions from the Amer’s. Everyone that’s in tune has usually nothing good to say about the family, and it’s widely speculated that this group of guys did a lot of dirty […]


JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP CHAT: CLICK HERE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER (CURRENTLY OUR MOST ACTIVE SOCIAL PLATFORM) The first clip is of Gambino, an albertan DBOY whom got confronted in front of his grandmother by his ex-associates. It was alleged that Gambino was tormenting one of the two individuals, before they ended up taking things […]


Before we get started with our videos of the day – we want you guys to decide on what you would like to see first: Without our Instagram platform, we are unable to get the same sort of feedback from our audience that we were getting through polls and IG stories. We are confident in […]


We look at multiple situations in todays ????OTD, with some being more news-worthy and viral than others. Write-up released later tonight! ???? # 1: GTA 6 – BRAMPTON EDITION bro look like my skip the dishes driver??? #deportation ???? # 2: Lolo Learns His Shitty Lesson ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? # 3: Netbanger IRL […]


Today’s video of the day is as recent as it gets, and concerns an Ottawa woman who was being viciously attacked and chased in what looked like an angry mob out of ‘The Walking Dead’. Our last video of the day was in regards to the Memphis woman who was kidnapped whilst jogging, and her […]


Today’s video of the day is a quick and simple one, that highlights what the influences of bullying can do. In the video we see a young Indian student who’s being recorded and told to do some foolish things, on his lunch break. In his world – he probably really does believe he’s being cool […]

The Truth Behind Chris Sky:

Christopher Saccoccia, widely referred to as Chris Sky, is a conspiracy theorist based out of Canada who ultimately came to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the height and peak of the virus, Chris was followed by hundreds of thousands who actively engaged in his anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine movements and everything else the Ontario man […]


We’re going to bring back another throwback story, when some individuals alerted us on the hefty bill they received from AirBnB; after hosting a wildly massive party. Probably a big part of the reason as to why the company has started cracking down on properties being used for parties. Not sure if they actually went […]


We’re going to bring back one of the viral videos that we pushed on our platforms, a few months back. The video revolves a Toronto Punjabi woman who famously went on TikTok to dance on requested songs from the audience. Unfortunately, a DBOY was in attendance of her live and had asked her to dance […]

Social Media Snitchin’ – Week 1️⃣:

We initially started these quick little write-ups of self-incriminating incidents on our old blog, however we all know how that ended. It’s honestly just a reminder on why these gangsters don’t last too long on the streets and a big part of that over the last decade; has been social media. We’ve been covering high […]