Bianca H. VS Vanessa A. – Battle Of Thots

Appreciate everyone staying patient while we had personal issues to deal with. We no longer have any limitations or anything that will stop us from reaching our potential. No current schedule will be released – just expect a drop everyday! About 2 and a half weeks ago, we were notified by a few different individuals […]

PD – Pharmacy Heist Demon Sentenced 7 Years

PD THE PHARMACY GOD – Parampreet Singh Dhaliwal gained widespread recognition after our platform brought attention to him. He will no longer have these pharmacy owners go through sleepless nights. Parm’s destiny was recently sealed by an Alberta judge, who sentenced the Calgarian gangster to seven years in prison. Despite ample opportunities to avoid the […]

North Preston’s Finest: East Coast 🎥

With the recent announcement in a new writer from Montreal joining our platform, we wanted to give you guys a look into Nova Scotia’s criminal underworld. In addition to the documentary regarding North Preston – CrimeBeat has just recently launched its sequel to the WolfPack Intro: FULL DOCUMENTARY: IS NORTH PRESTON) Up Next: WhiteRock […]

Guildford Carnival Madness

The feds knew very well that this was going to be a complete mess, and they still weren’t prepared for this: The following footage is in no specific order:

Mustafa ‘Prince’ Khan: PK CP ✍✍🏾

Prince Khan aka PK is still a name that’s talked about quite a lot in the lower-mainland. It isn’t because he was directly linked to SMAN’s homicide, or because he’s related by blood to Red Scorpion Moeen Khan (currently incarcerated); his name still rings bells because of controversies and leaked phone-calls. These DBOYS losing their […]

UBC Bhangra Event Goes South 🔞🎥

Last night was literally a movie across the province of British Columbia. As most of you have already seen by now, Burnaby’s Grand Villa was one of the incidents that caught our attention: The other incident had taken place at an event hosted by the UBC Bhangra Club, in which featured the recognizable name in […]

Sukhjit Malhi & Vishaal Gulati 🎥:

We received some pretty interesting footage, through an anonymous source. It highlights just how brutal this criminal underworld is getting, and features some pretty well known Abbotsford DBOYS. Sukhjit Malhi is the more recognizable name out of the two, and its because of his lengthy criminal history: Just recently, Malhi was sentenced to a year […]

Undercover Operation: The Amer Crime Family

We’ve had a huge increase in our overall viewership, especially in Alberta. This is primarily because of the ongoing gang war, and the awkward user-submissions from the Amer’s. Everyone that’s in tune has usually nothing good to say about the family, and it’s widely speculated that this group of guys did a lot of dirty […]

Rabih Alkhalil 🎥 –

Back when Rabih first escaped prison – we were the first to report the news. It appeared as if individuals close to Alkhalil’s circle filled us in on Rabih’s viral escape – only because they preferred us to break the news, rather than someone like Kim Bolan. If you haven’t make sure you check our […]


JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP CHAT: CLICK HERE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER (CURRENTLY OUR MOST ACTIVE SOCIAL PLATFORM) The first clip is of Gambino, an albertan DBOY whom got confronted in front of his grandmother by his ex-associates. It was alleged that Gambino was tormenting one of the two individuals, before they ended up taking things […]