Keegan ‘Icy’ BankaSingh: Toronto’s Skinner

A person like Keegan, in his forties with a long list of offenses, should not be anywhere near our women and children. We usually don’t address such situations, but there comes a point when we can’t ignore it anymore. He is of the same breed as Diddy.

Growing up on the tough streets of Toronto, Icy Springer was used to seeing his mother, known as “Lady Hilly – the Famous Reggae Party Thot,” bringing home different Jamaican men every night. Standing at just 5 foot 2, Mr. Springer found it tough to stand up to other men physically, so he started mistreating women to deal with his anger.

His legal issues began shortly after his mother ejected him at the age of 17, thrusting upon him the responsibility of self-sufficiency. Rather than seeking conventional employment, he chose a different path. A path that consisted of torturing and abusing underage females in order to force them into the sex-trade.

Police say the suspect attended a hotel in the Markham Road and Highway 401 area several times between Monday and Friday of this week. Each time the man visited the hotel, police say he assaulted the same woman. Officers were called to the hotel on Friday following the most recent assault; however the suspect fled the scene before they arrived.

These charges had only taken place about 8 years ago, when Icy was only 31 years old.

It is now 2024, and the failed internet personality has only gotten worse.

The following clip shows you the sort of relationship he has with his own mother, whom despises her son for very obvious reasons.

Last year, the 40-year-old offender made the decision to showcase his persona by aligning himself with the notorious Top 5, renowned for his Instagram live broadcasts. In essence, Icy chose to broadcast his daily life, thereby cultivating an audience largely comprised of individuals from low-income housing backgrounds with criminal histories. A significant portion of these “followers” are overweight females, enabling Icy to generate content by scrutinizing the unsettling aspects of their lives.

It appears that the predator’s intellect has diminished further since his release from prison, as he blatantly shares criminal exploits with his entire audience. It’s common knowledge that he hasn’t held a job since his stint at McDonald’s in 2013, and the only means he has to sustain his cocaine addiction is by perpetrating fraud against honest, hardworking individuals.

Everyday, Keegan goes on instagram live to show his 75 fans (obese baby mothers living in 1 bed room apartments) him making “money”, all while clowning these same fans who push for his relevancy.

His past is obviously disgusting, and there’s honestly no reason to even backtrack on this criminal’s life, as our main priority is to let you guys know that he is actively on the streets, scamming our citizens & abusing females.

He’s also a hypocrite. LGBTQ is very real in 2024, and no one should have a problem with it. However, Icy constantly bullies members of the gay community – even though he had actually been dating a transgender for 2 years:

We’re not sure which man did the beating in this relationship, but we think the 5 foot 2 in Icy was actually the victim for once.

Unfortunately, the females who he does get to lay his hands on are no good either, but it is still no reason for him to do what he does.

What initially began as amusing antics on Instagram Live has now become a source of irritation for the entire Toronto community. Even rappers like Why G and Bundog, whom Icy once idolized, have come to the realization that his online antics are unlikely to translate into any financial success. As a result, they have withdrawn their support for him.

It’ll be any day now that the police comes knocking. Hopefully he realizes that committing crimes on camera for the world to see in real time is the reason why. But knowing him, he’ll probably act like a 17 year old child claiming someone snitched on his fraud. 40+ years old. Insane.

Females are also constantly being targeted and victimized. One way he does this is by subtracting 7 or 8 years to his actual age. Absolutely disgusting. Be careful ladies.

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9 days ago

hes a fuckin skinner goof

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