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24 year old Amrit Saran aka Umba is the last of a dying or locked up breed in regards to the United Nations gang. Everyone around him that he’s grown up with, has either fallen victim to gang violence or has been incarcerated by it. Just recently, one of his close friends in Gursimran Sahota (exact same age as Umba) was charged with first-degree murder ❌2️⃣ in the Meninder Dhaliwal/Sat gill whistler shooting. He was caught with co-accused Tanvir Khakh, after attempting to escape justice in a mind-boggling 36 minute manhunt by law enforcement.

Regardless of his friend just potentially getting life behind bars, Amrit was still seen celebrating the hit as he’s been a ???? figure in the whole ‘townline hill conflict’. This was the initial war that had erupted in the Abbotsford area concerning the Dhaliwal brothers and Gavinder Grewal, against obviously Jimi Slice Sandhu and Sandeep Sidhu (skidz).

We will be explaining the townline hill conflict with extreme detail over the next few weeks.

When it comes to Amrit – most are quite surprised, that a high profile gangster who is pretty easy to spot, has kept his head low for this long, despite having multiple enemies after him. He’s lost his cousin in Varinderpal Gill (VP – cp out in 3 days for VIP and 5 for free) and lost one of his right hand men in Jaskaran Singh Sidhu or otherwise known as Kaunka, after he was arrested for the double homicide in Calgary. It didn’t stop there though, Umba is known to have plenty of PTSD issues after literally losing more than 10 of his associates. Keep in mind that this group of friends that consisted of youngsters like VP, Kaunka, Sehaj, Lito, etc; was the by-product of Skidz/Slice and would end up growing into first-degree murderers and climbing higher in the hierarchy of a drug line ????.

Amrit did just that. Instead of being caught with a hot ???? or spending years in a prison cell, Umba continued to dominate the drug scene and managed to build successful phones throughout western Canada. He’s known to flash his lavish lifestyle which involves his penthouse, tens of thousands of dollars on ????, expensive jewellery ❄️ and overall large sums of cash. Obviously an individual that lives the way he does is going to be on law enforcement’s radar and because of that, he’s had his fair share of charges. Take a look at this article which features Umba trying to seek bail and ultimately being denied because he’s “entrenched in a gangs-and-guns lifestyle.”

Umba looking all iced out…

He was and still may be fighting a case revolving a gun fight that erupted outside his family home. Click here for full details, but basically his enemies ran up on him with guns blazing but didn’t expect a wild Umba being heavily equipped. Buddy hopped out of his girls vehicle and started picking up guns like John Wick and had artillery stashed all over the property. Amritpal himself told us about a year ago that he was living nice and worry-free because the case would be dismissed? We still have no update concerning this gun fight. We do know that the case was hurting his pockets, and because he was restricted to certain conditions – he couldn’t resume operations with his ???? and therefore had to resort to other means.

One of his ‘opps’ took shots at the fact that he was trying to sell his Rolex diamond infested watch. Not sure what the big deal is, especially if he was the one who bought it. Some claim that the watch actually belonged to his dead friend VP.

Doesn’t look like he went through and sold the watch…

Umba getting arrested in Vancouver after his girlfriend and him were leaving a restaurant. A hostess allegedly spotted a firearm in Amrits ‘murse’ as he was paying the bill.

Law enforcement acted quick to the call.

So how does a young, good-looking indo-canadian get into the type of lifestyle that Amrit chose? Being bullied or watching your friends be targets of bullies, definitely played a heavy role in his character development.

Take a look at how his best friend as an example in Kaunka, was treated.

Cruel footage of Kaunka being tortured by his own friends that we also included in our 11 minute YT episode. We will eventually re-release this…

If that doesn’t help you understand as to why Umba had changed his personality so drastically, take a look at some of the other things he saw his best friend go through.

Some of his friends thought it’d be a good idea if they list his pagh on kijiji for sale after he passed out at what he assumed to be a buddy.. they ended up taking photographs and making a mockery of him.

Here they are laughing at him when he’s trying to recollect his memory and understand as to where he was and where he might’ve left his turban… Keep in mind that this was when Jaskaran had an addiction to xanax.

It’s safe to say that Umba has seen it all in his lifetime. Just under 25, and the kid has witnessed guys like Slice (teaching him the ropes and acting like a big brother from the jump) and VP (his cousin and best friend) lose their life to gang violence. There’s a reason why he hates the Brothers Keepers gang and that’s because they’ve taken a lot from him. However, instead of going out and seeking vengeance on a personal level; such as Simba, Amrit uses his head and would rather get guys to do his dirty work. He makes A LOT of money and pretty much sits on his ass all day. We wouldn’t be surprised if he was in on the payment regarding Meninder’s bounty.

Here he is celebrating at any chance he’s given.. whenever a big time name such as MD goes down; expect Umba to be partying.

Amrit and our blog have never met eye-to-eye and thats particularly because he believes we are in favour of the BK set. In reality, we do not prefer either and would just like to see an end to the violence. But because that would never happen, lets continue to look into the UN monster who goes by Umba. He’s not even allowed at his own parents house because of the danger he imposes, and therefore has been living solo for a pretty long time.

Umba showing off his glamorous lifestyle.

Some of his designer shoe collection…

The famous 5 figure watch he was trying to sell, when things got tough…

Even though Amritpal enjoys going over social media to expose his rich lifestyle that so many would die for; his opps and enemies would rather insult and torment him on any platform that they can. Take a look at just one example of some complete disrespect towards his camp (included more in VIP Umba CP).

He was fresh out of high school and in the midst of a gang war against guys twice his age. At that time, Amrit wasn’t the violent creature we know him to be today; and this is because guys like VP took all the spotlight. Umba didn’t really grow into his own until after VP got shot to ????. And he knew he didn’t have a demon that could replicate the trigger-pulling GILL, so he had to take matters into his own hands by ultimately making more money. Amrit was frequently visiting his OG’s in extravagant locations, all over the world. We aren’t too sure about whether or not he was also in Dubai, with Simba and the gang just weeks before Slice was killed in Thailand.

When VP was alive and constantly harassing his enemies. The youngsters in Umba, VP and Kaunka were quick to claim the shooting that hit Jujhar Atwal. Everyone involved in the townline hill conflict will be covered in full detail across our VIP blog.

Some say he’s even taken on a leadership role in the gang structure ever since Jimi got smoked in Thailand. We have no confirmation in regards to this rumour, but it is evident that he’s more powerful than ever. What we do know though, is that this introduction barely scratched the surface of the United Nations gang banger. And that’s the whole point.

With the release of Varinderpal Gill (OUT NOW)and Kaunka’s character profiles; it will help shape up Saran’s overall CP that much more.

For now we have to be satisfied with understanding that there isn’t much to be known about this guy other than the fact that he will continue to inflict damage to his enemies in any possible way. He’s been better at keeping his social profile at a minimal, whereas before he had pictures and videos available for the world to see. We think he’s starting to realize he isn’t just a little pup anymore that was taking orders alongside his other friends, but an actual boss now.

Take a look at how he’s living…

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… his SEX TAPE ???? (VIP)

Legendary picture featuring some notorious UN gangsters who are very involved in todays gang war. Chucky and Sajan are both pictured here… Character profiles in the future will expand more on these guys.

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