Character Profile: Dilraj ‘DJ’ Johal ✍🏾

  • Our first complete short-story of 2023!
  • (Consider a SS a 1 PART CP, that doesn’t require as much detail and info than some other profiles)
  • 4 chapters – Intro, Death, Conclusion
  • ???? TBD (all CPS will have a ???? version that will always be uploaded on our YT)

Before we begin the profile, we are going to determine a FEW key names/figures that play a critical role to the overall storyline:


  • BK SET/Aman Kang :
AK on left
  • JJ & J:
  • Kaunka/Saggu/Bhatti:
Jassu’s vehicle – riddled with bullets by Kaunka/Bhatti/Saggu (visuals as you progress)
  • Avneet Sidhu/Kiran Josan:
  • Younger Generation – Muffin/Gambino/Etc:
  • Slim:

These are just SOME names that will be appearing in the write-up, as we continue along. Some very important names like Bird and Kulli have been left out, but will be looked into ⬇️


When you try to understand Dilraj and who he ultimately was, it’s important to get all the little pieces together in order to unmask his overall resume. This was a 28 year old Punjabi man, who had in a way ‘sold-his-soul’ for the game, after having been appealed to it at a very young age. It’s no secret that these guys start young; but there is no valid excuse when someone like DJ (whom had experienced both the top and bottom in the criminal underworld) refuses to get out of danger. This will be thoroughly explained over the course of his short story.

There isn’t an exact timeline on when Johal transitioned into Alberta’s drug trade, but we do have a pretty clear picture on how he was living prior to his YYC/YEG move. This was a very well known kid in the lower-mainland whom had connections and associations, to the more established and prominent gangsters during that era. It was a time where we started to see violent results because of spoiled friendships, which ultimately saw the rise of two Indo-Canadian groups; with DJ being solely affiliated to one of those sides.

The Brothers Keepers.

For those that aren’t aware – DJ was a well respected member of the BK gang for a number of years, until he had a mysterious fall-out allegedly stemming between AK and himself. Loyalty seemed to be something Johal resonated by, and although the Brothers Keepers are built off of that very trait; the question lies on whether it was DJ who snaked the gang, or vice versa? Either way, we know that things didn’t end off to well; as Johal was most recently affiliated and linked to the UN team (Skidz & Slice), up until his death in BC.

Instead of building his name through the same avenues that established members in T$AV or 2x went through, Dilraj was more known for being an established drug dealer. He was known for being ‘savvy’ in building up a program from the ground up, as well as being capable in doing everything/anything from managing or maintaining the overall development and success. This started in his high school years and was probably one of the more significant factors in why he appealed as being a great fit to the BK team. Keep in mind that these were a group of guys who essentially had their own phone lines and programs, while all working under a unified and brotherly system that was being ran by Grewal (now deceased). DJ was a perfect fit and it was allegedly because of the developed program he had going into the gang’s operation.

DJ before he made the move to YYC/YEG, with his personal friends. It’s believed that DJ lived 2 different lifestyles, one with his real friends (no criminal ties), and the other with his gangster affiliates.

Even though he had positive influences around him at times, it was evident that he chose his own self-destructing path. The reason why he had left the gang, or had gotten removed was because of an alleged start-up business. It’s unclear on what the business was, but we’ve heard rumours that it involved a delivery service for some sort of product or client (similar to the likes of Uber). This was clearly a front that DJ was in the process of creating, so that he could successfully clean his dirty money. It was impressive to say the least, considering how he was one of the newest members; whom had gotten to the level of being able to translate his program/phones into a legal enterprise. He was ahead of his time it seemed like, which then ultimately led to complications.

The tattoo seen on his chest is not a BK tattoo (see below for more info)

One day the business was in his name, and the next day it wasn’t. It’s alleged that he transferred the ownership to an individual that had no criminal record, and an individual who was closely related to AK.

The story has been debated many times, with one side claiming that DJ successfully sold the business over; and DJ’s side arguing that he was essentially robbed. Long story SHORT, he never got the business back, and it ended up falling into Sameet Kang’s hands; sometime before he too cut ties with the Brothers Keepers.

Johal is now in a position where he doesn’t know who to trust, and instead of backing out and realizing that the game was full of negativity; he doubled down on everything he stood for:

He started building new connections through the power of his resume, but ultimately didn’t get back into a position of dominance until he relocated to Alberta. While others had expected him in staying put, and assisting his right-hand man in Slim (Iqbaul Grewal); he decided to give over the keys to Slim, while re-positioning himself one province over. This is when we started to see the rise of Grewal, a young and vicious monster who caused havoc to his enemies up until his tragic death. Slim’s story will be released in the next few days, but an important thing to remember is that he too became a victim of his own power; and ultimately started looking down upon DJ (an individual who ultimately gave his program over).


Dilraj played to his advantages, and the most significant was when he decided to switch sides and do business with his former gang’s arch enemy, in Skidz & Slice. The EXACT relationship between them and DJ is unclear, but we do have an understanding on the fact that UN was supplying his programs. The whole ‘TownLine Hill’ conflict was finally reaching an end, and most of the underworld finally realized that Johal was calling shots in Calgary and Edmonton.

Started becoming a boss-like figure out of nowhere. More aggressive, demanding and ruthless by nature; as he started to control more and more of the Alberta drug trade.

Keep in mind that this was a time where BC gangsters/criminals were sort of idolized in the Alberta area, after seeing an emergence of high-profile figures relocate and operate in the province. This was the era when Skidz & Slice started to transition into YYC/YEG, and instead of a vicious fight for turf; they simply allowed these demons to walk in and make money.

Guys like Kaunka, PD, and even Nav Sidhu (Skidz brother) had thrived in the environment, and enjoyed the overall clout that they had achieved from living in BC. It isn’t the same in today’s day, and it’s probably because ‘Albertans’ have become sick of allowing others to walk all over them; hence why we have started to see a lot more homicides.


It was sometime after DJ’s death that Alberta started to become it’s own, and rather than being known for embarrassing scenarios such as these next few clips; they were now dominating the province and branching out:

Instead of being remembered for things like this, we’re starting to see these YYC/YEG gangsters terrorize other cities; similar to the fashion that they had once experienced in their cities.

DJ was now in full control of a very profitable program in Alberta, as well as BC; so how did it all go wrong you ask?

Greed and jealousy.


In the span of under 5 or so years, DJ had essentially removed himself from one territory, so that he could maximize and dominate another. They say money attracts enemies, and it’s a saying that can’t be beat, in defining DJ’s final years. He had a hand in majority of the province’s trade, and that’s because he was supplying another massive program that was being operated through the likes of Japneet, Jassu, Kulli, etc. Whereas he had a team that composed of guys like Kaunka, Saggu, Bird and so much more:

Bird and Gambino’s older brother (deceased). It’s said that the Brar family (Gambinos) was on the fence during the DJ war with Kulli/Jassu/Japneet, but is now currently at war against Kulli after he was allegedly involved in Harv’s death.
Kulli, pictured with Harv Brar on far right



So where did everything go wrong?

It turns out that business went south, yet again for Johal. The group that was being led by JJ & J had ultimately decided to ‘reload’ off of DJ’s supplier (UN set), which then caused DJ in losing out on a massive pay-cut. Things went bad quick, and it was alleged that Jassu was actually meeting Jimi $lice in Indian jail-cells (whilst Slice was detained); leading to a relationship which allowed the Alberta crew in getting a direct supply from the UN set (rather than having to go through Johal). We usually always emphasize on the insane amounts of money that these guys are making, however, Jassu was actually doing it big (similar to DJ’s level).

After all, he was the one who owned the Mercedes that they got killed in.

Tension was continuously increasing, and it’s even rumoured that a cousin of Khun-Khun’s was kidnapped and mistaken for Kulli; sometime between the war having started, and JJ & J being killed. DJ was SO desperate in displaying dominance and power against his rival group, that he was paying demons like Kaunka to go out and kidnap specific ‘opps’.

Jujhar is still fighting a life sentence. His cousin that was involved is still unknown to this day.

Most assume that DJ ordered the double hit on JJ & J because of the fact that they no longer required him, due to the fact that they also obtained the same deals that he was getting. The truth is that he was only a minor part to the double homicide, and although he was the alleged fund behind the contracts; there was much more going on behind the scenes. It turned out that one of the hired hitters had a personal vendetta against Japneet, which stemmed over a female by the name of Avneet Sidhu (no current pic atm).That man was known as the 30 year old in Amandeep Saggu, who was charged alongside Kaunka & Bhatti.

Bhatti (alleged get-away driver of the contract-killings)

Kaunka (the primary shooter, allegedly striking both JJ & J with the assault rifle)

Saggu is still unidentified to this day, and he’s ensured that his visuals do not get leaked via media/publication bans. It’s safe to assume that he’s in a current situation that’s similar to the incarcerated life of a YYC demon:

Things were now going back to normal for DJ & his crew, after eliminating their biggest threat to the market and moving as quiet as they could. The investigation was practically going cold, until the female lead (which many blame us for exposing) that resulted in the trio being arrested. The arrests came a year after DJ’s death, which goes to show you that he was living pretty smooth up until he got riddled with bullets. In fact – the most noise the gang/group had to deal with, was the constant harassment that certain members like Kaunka were getting from the CPD/RCMP. But that was probably because he was taking pictures like this, hours after the double homicide:

Bhatti & Kaunka taking a picture/disrespecting the two they had just killed.

As soon as he started to get a grip on the entire market/power that he once had in AB, the younger generation was starting to step in. The younger brother of Jassu (Muffin) was becoming very vocal in hunting for DJ, while the remaining older guys like Kulli continued to threaten Johal’s operation. As time progressed, more and more violence was being caused as a result of JJ & J’s death. People were furious, and those closest to the deceased were speaking out as much as they could: (2 examples of some of DJ’s loudest critics)



DJ was clearly becoming an enemy to everyone. Those that had nothing to do with him wanted him dead, and that was because he was the one who called the shots. And while Johal thought leaving Alberta would’ve been his best move, it turns out that he should’ve stayed if he wanted to live longer.

Or was death approaching him either way, even if he stayed in AB?

Before we proceed – we want to look more into the previously mentioned Avneet Sidhu and how she was being fought over by 2 rival gang members. An important note is that she was the same female who vandalized Kaunka’s family home with spray-paint:

???????????????? Kaunka definitely had nothing to do with DJ’s death – find out more later. She was clowned on after this.

DJ wasn’t the type to just walk away from his problems without solving them to an extent. We saw this in BC when he transferred the program over to Slim’s reign, so why did he just leave Alberta without doing the same thing? It’s because he lost his right hand man in the midst of it all, just a few months before he too would lose his life.

Slim died in late 2020, and is probably the most significant reason on why DJ allegedly moved back into BC. This was the beginning of his downfall, and it’s because it became public news on him relocating into a Richmond condo.

Young slim, DJ’S right hand who allegedly started disrespecting Johal before his death (due to greed). More explained on his profile.

But who would’ve exposed his location to the world, especially considering how his circle had become that much smaller since the death of Grewal? This is where Kiran Josan comes into play, and it’s because of her secret relationship to the gangster. We have no proof that she could’ve been involved in DJ’s death, but it was definitely revealed to us (through her) that she was a very ‘close friend’ to Johal. It made us wonder, and that’s because friends don’t normally take pictures of each other on a bed, do they?


It really is overwhelming on just how involved these females can be in these gangsters lives, and we’ve seen it time and time again. One DGIRL will somehow be mixed up with a gangster from every set. More examples will be provided in our upcoming Set-Up thotiana episode.


We want to go back into DJ’s early criminal history, and that’s because that’s pretty much his ONLY criminal history. He was smarter than the average, and that was by learning from previous mistakes and not making them again. After his ‘original spree’ of getting in trouble with the law, it seemed as if he never had a problem again. You can click HERE for his entire criminal wrap-sheet, which last saw a publication ban on behalf of his name, AFTER HIS DEATH (presumably by his family).

Similar to the likes of guys in the big-leagues, such as Skidz for an example; DJ’s criminal wrap sheet consisted of crimes he committed when he was at the bottom as a line-driver.

Johal was finally realizing just how dangerous the game really was, and was actually attempting to flee Canada in hopes of living a life where he didn’t have to look over his shoulder. He was a bit too late in his plans and was shot to death as he entered his Condo unit before midnight, on January 9th of 2021. This was a few days after GK’s death, and a day after Moe’s death (CP OUT NEXT!).

The following footage contains the aftermath of what occurred after Johal’s death:

When he officially dropped, you can only imagine how guys like Muffin were celebrating. In fact, there was just so much disrespect going on after DJ’s death, that law enforcement agencies had to start getting themselves involved on the social world. It got so bad that DJ’s loved ones started coming out in his defence, and started giving out the beats to guys like this:

DJ’S demons gave him the beats after seeing this on social media ⬇️

Some got luckier than others, while others like Muffin got put in a wheelchair for getting loud and cocky after his brothers killers were all either incarcerated, or deceased.

It’s unclear on who actually shot Muffin, but the fact was that he was getting out of hand:

The following few clips/images are all associated to how the social world reacted after DJ’s death, and who some of his biggest haters were/still are:

This last one was absolutely disgusting, and really does show you how messed up this game has gotten. Your family will be a VICTIM to your LIFESTYLE.

We don’t want to get into too much more detail, or else would spoil our ???? version to the CP. Our goal will always be to make our visual episodes more detailed/significant than our written stories; and that’s because we believe it will assist in our growth.

IN OUR PERSONAL OPINION, WE BELIEVE THAT DJ WAS SET-UP BY THOSE AROUND HIM. Yes, he kept his circle even smaller than ever during his final days, however he brought over the infamous ‘Bird’ to live with him in the condo as a roommate. The rest was history, as Bird basically disappeared and failed to assist in any sort of investigation/co-operation. Bird was the only one with access to the unit/building, and it’s believed that the killer(s) had been granted that access in a manner that involved them being EITHER in the actual UNIT, or in the overall building.

Bird has been displeased with our investigation. He has still not been arrested for anything involved to the incident, and has found himself all over the country since DJ’s death. This includes Saskatoon, Ontario, BC and Alberta. It’s unclear on where he is currently located. Some have alleged that he received a heavy payment from the BK set, while others attribute DJ’s death to the entire YYC/YEG war.

We hope you guys enjoyed the short story. It’s official, WE ARE FUCKING BACK!

The following content explains how Alberta has transitioned from being soft & scared in the drug trade, to ultimately becoming demonic.



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