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We didn’t want to progress onto any set profiles or character profiles before getting VP’s introduction out there. This is because he’s impacted several different people ranging from high profile BK gangsters, to his own friends and family whom’ve transitioned into the likes of murderers and big time drug dealers. The message is clear when you dive deep into the kid; he was bullied since a young kid and found a way out of that ‘hole’ through following orders and commands from a circle of guys that had finally admired him. We’re here to shift the narrative a bit and explain to you guys that it wasn’t bullying that created this monster, but the demon inside him that finally came out. In other words, it was always in him.

For the original article regarding VP’s death, you can click here.

Varinderpal Gill pictured with younger Kaunka and Amrit Saran. The 3 best friends who turned into a drug lord, deceased serial killer, and a convicted one.

Only 19 years of age when he was shot to death, Varinderpal Singh Gill was a character that is still spoken about to this day. The kid he used to be, compared to the guy he ended up being, was the biggest surprise to the west-coast and the world. Coming from the religious home and family he was raised in, it truly is a shame and shock that he went out the way he did and got himself involved in that lifestyle he chose.

Varinderpal Gill, or VP, pictured here as a child. Raised in a very religious household.

That same kid who looked so innocent was the same man who was riddled with bullets outside the Mission Junction Mall.

The truck that was riddled with bullets, no chance for him to survive. Find out as to how his girlfriend at the time survived?

VP’s truck that was bought through the contract hits that he had committed or orders he had followed from some of the older UN guys.

Where did it all go wrong? Let’s try to determine how this ex-gyani managed to be on the radars of some really big names that had a lot more money, and power than the teenager.

We’ve heard the stories regarding his head being tossed in lockers and his house being constantly vandalized, but did this truly play a role into the creation of a serial killer? We need to look at the overall transformation that consisted of him hanging around innocent kids into being associated with a group of guys that were in the midst of a bloody ‘Townline Hill Conflict’.

Kaunka, completely unrelated individual, and VP. You can truly see in his smile how different of a person he was. The drugs (opiates) definitely played a role into his character development – but there was much more behind the closed doors of this kid.

The UN demons hailing from the Abbotsford area. Represented under Skidz and Slice. The ones that have made it to this day, are either living luxurious lives or locked in jail.

Throughout the years, the Abbotsford native who attended Rick Hansen, would get bullied less often as he started growing closer to a group of guys that would go on to become one of the younger groups that followed the lead of UN gangsters; Jimi Slice Sandhu, and Sandeep Sidhu (skidz).

This was that same group of friends he had shared basketballs with on the school playground, and later turned to criminal associates that shared guns and drugs together.

The violence started early as it does with most brown kids in the west coast. We have legendary footage that really has no correlation to the shooter he became but it shows you a pretty good picture as to the loyalty and love he had towards his friends. In this example, we’ll see Sehaj Sidhu get into a high school fight just about a year and half before him and his friends would turn into drug dealers and shooters in an ongoing feud ????. You can hear and watch VP cheer and show support for his best friend that ended up losing his life, not too long after.

It really hit home when VP lost his best friend in Sehaj. He felt kind of guilty because he was the one who involved him into that same lifestyle that had him shot to death. Again, just a kid that had no place or involvement in an ongoing feud with the Brothers Keepers. These kids were signing up to take bullets, that’s what it ultimately came down too.

It wasn’t the only death that pushed him into becoming the monster he was, but it was probably one of the biggest. Sidhu and Gill were young kids who really trusted each other with everything, we can only imagine how VP was feeling when he saw his enemies go on social media and mock his dead bros…

The shooting was considered severe and the victim (Sehaj) was dead on the scene. He was shot in the head. Take a look at how VP’s enemies responded:

The disrespect had hit levels never seen before and VP felt his only move was to seek matters into his own hands and he did. It was alleged that the UN guys would go to the youngster first because they knew he would be up for almost anything and everything.

Innocent kids with so much promise and potential for a great life. Gang violence ended both of them before they could hit the age of 20.

You can just see how they shifted. Both were never considered popular but because of the affiliates and associates they grew into, they demanded a different type of respect. It’s important to remember that VP didn’t just go all demonic and savage once his turban was cut, but started while it was still apart of him.

The most recent one to die in that picture was Amrit. It was ruled an overdose but some are saying it was just a heart problem. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was drug related as he’s been suffering several PTSD issues with the death of most of his best friends. Really a sad story, rest easy 

As we continue with the CP, we will look into some of the homicides regarding the older guys VP was looking up to, and how it influenced decisions he had made going forward. These guys that brought him and his crew of friends (pictured above) are the same killers we are watching on television today, in a vicious battle against the Brothers Keepers. The war won’t stop but we got to really start to understand what transformed him into pulling triggers without any sort of hesitation. We want to drift away from this whole ‘bullying’ aspect that’s tied into his purpose and reasoning for the actions he’d committed and start to focus more on the loyalty side of things.

This was just a kid who finally felt like he belonged and wanted to show his OG’s he was ready and accountable for anything and everything. He did just that, in fact he became more of a factor that these BK gangsters had to prioritize as more and more of his friends were being victimized. He became so much of a factor that VPD had to put out a warning on him because of the safety risks he posed to the public. This was essentially because his enemies were relentless in finding and killing him, that they really didn’t have no regard for any bystanders. He could’ve been spotted at a church filled with hundreds of innocent lives and they would still let it fly ????????. The only way he would’ve survived is if he moved to the other side of the world, or went under police protective custody.

A whole bunch of older guys that ultimately accepted VP and his friends as their own. Try to spot Skidz and slice… skidz looks really out of place 

These were the guys VP and his crew were worshipping, so can you imagine the guys he was up against?

Guys literally twice his age, who were essentially forced in marking the 17-18 year old at the time as a PRIORITY were the ones he was up against. We’ll explore more of the Brothers Keepers in the set profile that should be published in the coming days, but take a look at some of the exchanges Gill was involved in because of his never-ending loyalty and love he showed.

This is a screenshot of the video that Brian and Meninder Dhaliwal uploaded on the phone that Jaskaran Lally had after they viciously beat him and recorded him running naked on the street. He was spotted at a notorious massage parlour known as water cube. You see VP, the youngest out of his friends standing up for Lally against some serious demons. If VP was alive and was around for MD’s death, there is no doubt that this guy would be celebrating.

The disturbing video footage that the Brothers Keepers were bragging about. This led to more gunshots and violence in the townline hill conflict.

VP’s associates referencing to Jujhar Atwal, a survivor to the gang violence. He is no longer apart of this culture and steers far away but was once victimized because of his family relation. It seems as it was a mistaken hit, however they shot him in the head and he somehow survived. No one has been convicted for the shooting, more to come with CP’s.

The bullying may have motivated him on becoming more aggressive, but it was his loyalty towards these same guys that accepted him and made him feel valued. BK guys like the Dhaliwals and Jagraj Atwal knew that the kid was vulnerable and fearless, hence the reason why he wasn’t afraid to shoot at anyone. The following individuals will be explained thoroughly over the next few weeks in several different profiles and whatnot, but for VP’s sake we will include a few names that lost lives to the townline hill conflict and contributed to the psychopath he was.

Lally, one of the guys that VP was instructed by. He followed his lead and cherished Jaskaran. You can only imagine what he was experiencing when he heard news about his death.

Lally was shot to death at his family home, in the garage.

Nav aka Skidz brother. The whole crew were inspired and motivated to be more engaged in the violence after this. Skidz was ruthless and wanted any BK down that any of his guys could find. This was when VP felt most valuable and resourceful and gained the most points from skidz and slice. That reputation and loyalty he built was a big reason as to why guys like Umba got where they were today.

I could go on and on about the deaths of VP’s crew that ultimately led to his spree of violent shootings that will never be solved because of his death. There really is a lot of names he has lost but you should get the picture that revenge and vengeance were the only options he thought he had. If it wasn’t something as traumatic as losing guys that made him feel relevant, then it was the bullying and tormenting of him or his friends that changed this kid.

Bottom line is, it was the loyalty and overall appreciation he had and showed for his peers/friends that shaped him.

This is the type of stuff that turned the young Gill into a fearless shooter that is rumoured to have assisted or committed up to 7 different hits. We will only confirm 3 that he himself is responsible for, but will never face justice.

You can only push an unstable kid who was popping oxy’s and perc’s before his brain was fully developed so much, and this was the case with VP. He was exposed to strong PTSD issues because of the insanely dangerous life he was living and was on strong prescription drugs that was readily and easily available to him, due to his relationships with the UN guys. They were pretty much feeding this kid drugs that would numb him down to the point where he would feel nothing and act without remorse or self-decision. So yeah- these same guys that were mourning the loss of a loyal shooter should feel some sort of guilt for getting a 19 year old killed. But this is the case with many gangsters, and we will point this out with our upcoming BK profiles.

 There were rumors that before his death, he had packed up his bags and left his family home suddenly. It shocked the parents, but I’m pretty sure they were already way too numb to the damage VP caused to the family. And therefore, I really don’t want to put any blame on the family for Varinderpal Gill’s actions but I really do question what and how the family may have or could’ve put a stop to some of his actions, if not all.

Don’t you think they should’ve noticed a religious child, one day just fall in love with heavy assault rifles?

Jagvir Malhi (gunned down by BK rapper T$AV) pictured here with VP. 2 innocent lives, both lost to gun and gang violence.

The innocence he had in his eyes, just slipped into psycho demonic shooter eyes over the course of a year or 2. He really thought he was unstoppable and that fearless mentality was the same that got him killed. It got to a point where law enforcement actively pursued him and warned him that he was going to get shot or get others hurt – and even escorted him out of a busy restaurant due to the danger he posed.

And this was his final form. The real identity of VP, at his finest and his most dangerous. The BK’s had to put a stop on him at all costs, and so they did.

Without further a due, we will explore into who he’s rumored to have killed and who he’s actually confirmed to have shot to death.

The actual confirmed victims he’s believed to killed. The list goes on though as to how many people he’s rumoured to have been behind. A real menace. 

Satkar Sidhu was completely innocent and VP has been called out by many people for the killing. It was simply ridiculous in that he should not have been shot to death but given the ruthless nature of a character VP had become, he felt no remorse. His family still wants answers to this day from the justice system, however we all know we probably won’t see any because the primary suspect has also been shot to


vp, Lally and Parm Chahil were all in the car and arrested but later released. VP was knowfn for conducting hits that led investigators scrambling in trying to get this guy behind bars. If they had focused more, they would’ve saved the lives impacted by VP and probably saved his life as well, by keeping him locked up.

Jason Dhaliwal was a 24 year old with BK links and was also gunned down by VP. The shooting had occurred on the same street where that 74 year old man was shot to death. Will explain more in future profiles.

Lastly, Gagandeep Daliwal. Gagan was a 19 year old who is also said to have some sort of links to the BK set but is still unclear to this day. He was shot to death inside his own garage after a masked up VP stormed the garage late at night and fired bullets at both parties. His cousin survived, Gagan did not. This is the victim that’s most interesting to VP’s character profile because it’s believed by many that Gagan’s dad was actually the one to smoke Varinderpal himself.

VP was killed only a few months after Gagan and because of Mr. Dhaliwal relocating to what seems to be India, he was primary suspect number #1.

Gagan’s dad, the one everyone says did the killing. In reality he’s probably just heartbroken and devastated and doesn’t trust Canadian law enforcement, and therefore relocated to India.

There has been other rumours in regards to VP being responsible for Jagraj’s older brother being shot but we haven’t seen any strong proof or facts supporting that theory.

Another was Jaspreet Sidhu, which never really made sense considering they had a pretty close relationship. It was actually Kaunka who told us that JS was shot by a ‘junkie’ and would’ve survived if he didn’t panic. More to come regarding his homicide in a townline hill conflict story..

VP, also commonly referred to as ‘Lee’; by all his close friends. Pictured here with an illegal firearm.

I don’t think we’ll ever see a conviction or arrest for the murder of VP Gill, however its 100% guaranteed that the Brothers Keepers were behind it.

Before we conclude the introduction, we will take a look at the shooting scene and some speculation as to why his girlfriend wasn’t hurt and survived the crazy scene of events.

If you zoom in, you can see the body of VP dangling in the drivers seat.

VP and his girlfriend at the time… whom has now been flown across the world to extravagant locations on Skidz’ dime.

Initially, everyone was calling her a set-up chick. As facts started to unravel and people started to hear about who was involved and who’d killed him, she was clear of those accusations. There’s 2 theories we’ve heard and no one will really know except for her and I’m sure she’s told a lot of people. Apparently, she was walking to the vehicle late after the movie theatre and VP was already by the vehicle/inside and was fired several times. The other is that she truly was very lucky and it was a miracle that she’s still alive.

Another rumor we don’t really agree with is Gagan’s dad being the killer. He may sort of have some involvement but if not, he really wasn’t the killer in our opinion. We believe this was a BK hit obviously, but carried out by others that weren’t spoken about by the public. We’ll talk more about this in a sequel or in the upcoming BK set profile.

VP living life in an all inclusive trip that was paid for by the OG’s in Slice and Skidz. They showed their gratitude to this kid by putting chains and 5 figure watches around his wrist. This was the result of the loyalty he’d shown in committing brazen shootings all over the province.

VP on vacation with the bosses.

Now we will finally be showing some of the responses by both his enemies, and his peers.

In regards to Nav Sidhu, Skidz deceased brother who has a 1 million dollar chain dedicated to his name.

The shooting death of MG (middle) that was supposedly done by VP’s associates after his death. Still no facts or truth to this as the case still remains cold. This was the innocent Grewal brother who had no ties to any of the violence or drug wars.


RIP DEMON ????????????????????????

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