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It’s been well over 2 years since the tragedy that took the life of a very well known entrepreneur in the west-coast. Praised and respected in the Vancouver community, Amin Shahin Shakur had been a victim to gun violence; after he was killed on July.13/20 in a south Vancouver late-night shooting. Found dead near main street and east 48th avenue, Amin aka ‘Shah’ was lying on a ground that was surrounded by the start-ups and businesses he worked so hard in building.

It was that much more emotional considering how the 30 year old was literally killed beside the two things he’d directed his entire life towards: DankMart and THC Canada. Seeing only limited success because of how early he was killed, Shah continued to believe in his dreams even though he never had the chance to live alongside his brands and reap the real rewards that came with all of the challenges and obstacles he had faced. If he was still alive today, Shah would be a proud owner in 3 different locations regarding his DankMart business, and even expanding into the Toronto scene as he’s always envisioned.

He even saw it in his right hand man, Spensir Sanghera (unsure if thats how it’s actually spelt) and the THC Canada brand that he should be remembered for as well. His loyalty and dedication towards his friends and family was remarkable, and he was never one to steal all of the spot-light.

Here he is praising the likes of Spensir and speaking into existence on what the future was going to hold for his brother.

Rest easy Shah ???? – If only he got to live and witness what was going to happen for him, in 2 years, as well.

Working a 9-5 since he was of legal age, Shah was a hard worker who had always got it himself. He didn’t rely on his family and was well aware of the financial situations they were up against; as he had first-generation parents who immigrated to Canada in search for a more promising life. So why was it that someone would have wanted to harm such a loved community entrepreneur? And once we get into who was actually responsible for his murder, questions arise as to how and why another religious and faithful muslim killed Shah.

He looked so happy in seeking out the financial success and rewards that was in his reach, until he had been murdered.

When one gangster kills another, communities understand and acknowledge it as the hallmarks and results in the criminal underworld. However – when a bad guy kills an innocent, hard-working man that symbolizes a whole society; it’s going to be remembered for a long time. That’s exactly how the media portrayed the homicide of Amin, ultimately resulting in one of the largest and most attended candle-light vigils that the province has seen. People that had never met the young entrepreneur were in attendance, as his death was being resonated to those that live by the same morales and societal rules that he did. In other words, everyone showed up, regardless if they were white, black, brown, gay, straight, etc.

He was a very supportive Hip-Hop fan who adored artists that had meaningful messages in their songs and lyrics. His top artists were heroes like Tupac and Nipsey.

Before we get into Shah’s killer and the potential reasoning behind the shooting, we’ll have to go back and understand that tragic summer night. We’ll also inspect DankMart and his close associates that have assisted in making Shah’s dreams and aspirations come to life, even if he wasn’t.

Throughout some of our investigative research, we came across a Reddit thread that seeks out answers on why Snackie Chan (another nickname for Shah) was riddled with bullets. We won’t come to our own conclusions, however we have always ruled in the fact that this could’ve been drug-related. The thread varies with responses that state the reason he was killed was because of a female, to others that explain the more popular one; in the shooter being jealous or envying what the young CEO had.

“Do I think Amin was overall a stand up person? Sure. However, it is important to note that a cannabis dispensery was also opened right next to Dank Mart. Amin was actually a partner in this business with his friend. Fill in the lines as you see fit. I’m sure assuming to some extent the possibility of the drug business being a factor may have been the reason. Will find out in court documents soon enough.”

Beside Shah in the top half of the clip is Spensir, CEO of THC Canada and right hand man to the deceased entrepreneur.

One of the primary witnesses actually went on live television with CTV in reporting how he heard Shah scream “I don’t know!”. This was a pretty big factor that played into an alternative theory that Shah’s beloved ones didn’t want to hear, and that was that this could’ve definitely been drug or even business related. It was just impossible for his peers or anyone that knew him to accept, as he was beloved by communities ranging from Sikhs, Hindus, Asians, etc. Some even go as far in claiming that the bullets weren’t meant for him, but were for his best-friend in THC Canada CEO; Spensir. We’ll get into all of that after we dissect some of his inner-circle, and the overall lifestyle and brand he created in DankMart.

Always known to have kept a smile on his face, even when times got tough; take a look into how some of his closest friends and family remember the CEO. These 3 clips were our favourites out of the little tribute they created on his behalf, but we have attached the full video/tribute at the ending of our intro.




How could someone that generous and loving be taken from the world? It didn’t sit right with us or anyone else for that matter, and therefore we decided to take another approach and look at things slightly different. This is when Spensir started to drift away and disapprove on what we were doing, ultimately blocking us and wanting nothing to do with the platform. Continue on with the introduction, to figure out as to why the THC Canada CEO began to dislike our platform.

In reality, we were just trying to find out the truth – as was law enforcement.

Though he had no charges, Shah had been involved in run-ins with police that didn’t really mean anything, as to why he was shot. We started to look into possible theories and reasons behind the shooting, and thats when things went down-hill between our platform and Spensir.

Originally, the THC Canada CEO had enjoyed what our platform was doing and supported it; until we made a few things public that he didn’t want out there. Screenshots of our conversations that explain details on why Shahs killer had ultimately been released from prison, definitely pushed in Spensir’s disapproval of the overall platform. But it was also because we didn’t necessarily agree with the whole ‘jealous and envy’ theory, that pushed the killer into doing what he did. We always believed there was more to the story.

So who killed the 30 year old?

Mohammed Abu-Sharife, 41 years old at the time and now 43; was the convicted murderer.

Nipsey Hussles Killer on the left, Eric Holder. Shahs killer on the right, Sharife.

This picture was specifically created by Shahs right hand man, as the two were always inspired and motivated by their favourite rapper in Nipsey. It was evident that the popular opinion was that Mohammed was jealous of Shah and his success, that hadn’t even reached the heights it’s seeing today. It made sense because of Mohammeds role and involvement in the grow-op and overall cannabis industry, as the 41 year old was also in the works of starting his own brand similar to the likes of THC Canada. His criminal history is also very extensive, involving a murder that revolved around the drug trade. More will be explained as we progress. What didn’t make sense was why the DankMart CEO was targeted, and was it because he had a relationship with the shooter? We’ll get into that but first – take a look at the screenshots the current DankMart CEO in Spensir had sent us, that ultimately resulted in his hatred towards us.

We were first introduced to the DankMart story after we got word that Mohammed was allegedly released from prison. Unaware on whether or not he may’ve beaten the charges, we went to the only person that would’ve known, and realized that he was released because of a medical condition. This angered a lot of people, as a potential murderer had been released back into society; causing outrage from several people close to Shah.

So what we got from our brief conversation was that Mohammed had allegedly posted bail because of specific medical conditions such as COVID-19 and some form of cancer. It was actually surprising that he was released, considering his previous history with the law. This is when we started to believe that the evidence in the case could be particularly weak, and that’s what was relayed to us from the man himself. We’ll include screenshots of our conversation with the alleged killer in our sequel, but for now; we’ll look into him a little more.

Mohammed has consistently denied being involved in the hit, as you will get to see in the sequel. However, we do find it odd that his criminal history has been linked to nothing but the drug-trade and ultimately ‘eliminating his competition’. Before he was charged with Shahs murder, he was most recently arrested for a bizarre plot that had planned on blowing up an entire Surrey block that had resided some of his competition, in drug-traffickers. He ended up getting 4 years and decided he no longer wanted to sell crack-cocaine, and had then allegedly attempted at transitioning into a businessman similar to Shah. Just before he was convicted and sentenced to the 4 years, he was acquitted of a first-degree murder in the slaying of Ravi Nutt. The same kid/worker he had used in plotting his little c4 terrorist plot, was the same kid that killed drug dealer Ravi, after being contracted for a hire-to-kill. Somehow, Shahs killer beat the charge and was acquitted of everything regarding the incident. Click here to get details on the full case. Some claim that Van Buskirk (hitman/kid who worked with Mohammed) assisted in the acquittal by keeping quiet and maintaining all responsibility. He ended up doing his time and managed to get himself behind bars once again, after he was just recently arrested in a massive $30 million fentanyl drug-bust. All that prison time just allowed him to build stronger connections to the underworld and enabled him to get in on a play like that, but this will be later explained in the sequel.

Either way, it goes to show you that if one was to kill based on greed or even vengeance; Mohammed would be a prime example. The reason why Ravi was allegedly killed was because he originally had sent a worker to murder Mohammed. It wasn’t until the demonic man got a hold of the killer and poured gasoline all over his body, while threatening the kids life; that we understood he was a troubled individual. He later got Ravi killed and the details of that are pretty disturbing, including as to how the drug dealer managed to get shot in the back of his head. Click here for full details on the 17 year old who aspired to be a hitman and was contracted by Mohammed in carrying out the nasty hit.

It all seemed to have been repeating for the 40+ year old man, as he was now under the spotlight of killing one of Vancouvers brightest entrepreneurs. He didn’t want to have to potentially go through a similar scenario in Ravi Nutt’s case, and therefore took no chances in showing law officials that he was an abiding citizen the very moment that he was given a chance to bail/release. Here’s images of him posting about his praying habits that he goes through 5 times a day.

It was pretty contradicting considering he was the alleged killer behind another muslim man’s death. That didn’t stop him from going out of his way and going on a social media world that he wasn’t all so familiar with, in verifying to officials that he was a changed, sick man who has initiated a full restart.

We would see several images of Mohammed depicting his illness on social media, specifically the first few months when he got released.

This helped us realize that he really was doing whatever he could, in ensuring he would not be put into custody again. He literally had no clue on how to use instagram, and even managed to lose access to his account that was primarily followed once people realized Shahs killer was active on the gram. We all tend to see the instagram scams concerning cryptocurrency, and Mohammed was victim to one that resulted in him having to create a new account.

This is the account he lost. His new handle is @Sai_fi_420.

He hasn’t attempted at any ‘quick get-rich schemes’ ever since he lost his account. This is who we see behind Mohammed these days, a much more controlled and passive man that seems to have learned from the many mistakes of his life.

It’s undeniable that it was Mohammed behind the shooting, it’s just going to remain unclear as to why Shah was killed until we get to hear what the alleged killer has to say. This will be all included in our conclusion, otherwise known as the sequel to this story. We will say this though, Spensir has often been referred to as a snake by Mohammed and that made us think that maybe Shah was just caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He might’ve honestly had nothing to do with the bad business that was going around, and would’ve definitely been one to stand up for a friend. We’re not stating that Spensir was the intended target or anything, but it really does make you think. Shah was an entrepreneur and CEO to DankMart, completely different from the likes of what his partner Spensir or even the killer in Mohammed were starting (THC Cannabis industry). Then again, maybe Shah promised some sort of percentage to Mohammed; it just wont be really clear until we publish his side of the story.

At the end of the day, Amin’s loved ones did seek justice that they temporarily received; until the killer was later released. Now we really don’t have a clue on whats going on, as both sides have alternative theories and reasons. Is Mohammed ever going to go back to jail? Find out more on the SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!

We decided to ultimately give our take on the entire outcome and reasoning as to why the homicide had occurred, in our conclusion.



We included another full video that highlights the grand opening of the new location in Toronto, until they later privatized the video. We also stated that Shah’s name was not mentioned throughout the entire video.

DANKMART Opening its Toronto Location. No mention of Shah anywhere? SnackBundles was seen when they bought bottles…
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