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One of the biggest mysteries that we’ve indulged in was the double homicide of the Dhindsa brothers, in March of 2021. The case had us curious from the very jump. One of the reasons on how it attracted us is because of how organized and professional the killers moved. They literally didn’t miss a step in regards to them successfully getting away and keeping law enforcement at a stand-still. Another reason that kept us intrigued was the fact that the Dhindsa brothers were allegedly killed by the very same guys they started with; the UN set.

23 year old Joben was a lot quieter in terms of his criminal wrap-sheet, as the gangster had no run-ins with police or any history whatsoever. But when it came to his brother, Chaten, he was as loyal as a brother could be and would’ve easily turned that non existent wrap-sheet into multiple first-degree convictions; if it ensured the safety of his brother. Joben was a student-athlete who excelled on the ice and played at a very competitive level, whereas Chaten had engaged in the criminal underworld a lot younger. Apart of that reason is because of his close relationships with many different UN gangsters, most notably Shakiel Basra and the Samra brothers.

For a little history on both brothers that we will touch up on as the story progresses, CLICK HERE.

Joben Dhindsa (younger brother on the left), and Chaten Dhindsa (older brother on the right). Chaten was 25 at the time of his death while Joben was 23.

Before we jump into some realistic theories that are backed by multiple sources, let’s look into the shooting and some of the details that had occurred at the home in the 22000-block of Rathburn Drive. “RCMP said officers were first called to a home in the 22000-block of Rathburn Drive around 4:45 a.m. to assist in traffic control as a house was on fire.” It wasn’t until 5 am, that the brothers were found dead in a rented AirBnB house that they were both living in.

Aaron McArthur with Global News also went to the scene and explains the incident a little more.

Click here for that article/video.

It was evident from the get go that these killers had deliberately planned a well-executed hit on these brothers and had everything prepared in terms of leaving no traces. The killers went to the extent of attempting to burn the entire house down and actually did a pretty good job in destroying possible evidence that would’ve assisted investigators. They later burned the vehicle which was the only real evidence considering that it was spotted by some neighbours, on the drive-way of a property next door to the blue house.

Both brothers had the house rented for quite some time and it was believed that they were operating an independent drug line that had support from the enemies of the UN gang. It really didn’t make sense, considering the fact that Chaten was closely associated to high ranking members of the United Nations for several years.

Chaten had a crazy wrap sheet and was going to be sentenced in the month of April 2021, 1 month after he was shot to death. Take a look at his CSO profile.

He was very well known, whereas Joben had no interactions with police. The craziest part about the UN set potentially being involved in the homicides of the brothers is that Chaten literally took the fall for these guys. He was involved in several different incidents that he had got convicted for, alongside other high profile gangsters such as the Randhawa and Samra brothers.

Karnjit Randhawa, one of the suspects in the vicious kidnapping/assault that the UN gangsters were involved in. (CP on the Randhawas soon)

Click here for the article, where a well known BK member was brutally assaulted by 31-year-old Davjit Randhawa, 19-year-old Sukhdeep Dhaliwal, 20-year-old Chaten Dhindsa, 18-year-old Gurpreet Dhudwal and 28-year-old Ravinder Samra.

A few months later, Chaten was involved again in another case but this time an investigation that law enforcement set out on the dial-a-dope-line that was being operated by the UN gang. 18 charges were approved with 10 of them going to Chaten that he seemingly “ate up” for the squad. You should be able to get a sense on how the family identified and shunned the eldest Dhindsa in a way because of his criminal lifestyle, whereas Joben was the ‘perfect and protected child’ who seemed to have been on the right path. The only thing that got him into the game was his endless love and loyalty he had for his older brother, and that is what got both killed.

We don’t want to claim they got backstabbed or turned on because we really do not have the details on why they got hit. But the obvious answer that the streets have come up with is regarding a drug line and money that certain UN gangsters felt obliged too. Something went wrong somewhere, whether it was Chaten starting to realize he was being used as a scape goat and had enough of it, or the other popular rumour in Joben acting out and motivating his brother to start their own thing.

Either way, we were sent messages across multiple platforms from several different high ranking demons that either wanted to shed light on the fact that the UN set killed their own guys, or messages that desperately ensured that we didn’t share the information that we have.

Robbie (Ravinder) Samara on far left with white hat, Shakiel Basra, Chucky (Amarpreet) Samra

Was Skidz apart of the well-executed plan? Keep in mind that demons like Christopher Singh (far-left) and Karman Grewal (Grizzlies Jersey) could’ve both potentially been involved as they were still alive at the time of the double homicide.

That wasn’t all though – we pretty much got confirmations on who was behind the hit, from the UN set themselves. At the time, we had hundreds of requests in pushing out a YouTube video that we had completed on the double homicide; however it was delayed and ultimately never released because of issues that we had never addressed.

At first it was just private messages we were receiving that were constantly trying to ask us what we knew about the double homicide, and then it got worse. It was a total of 6 accounts that had conversations on ‘vanish mode’ and had initially started by asking specific questions, to offering money in keeping the information hidden, and later unfortunately transitioning to death-threats.

It was a whole rollercoaster of events and because our user-submitted evidence and facts were particularly weak in pointing out with an accurate finger, we decided to follow the major media outlets in providing very minimal details. That’s the whole case though, it always only had very little details and that’s because everything was thought out to every little detail by the killers.

The fire in the house pretty much destroyed all evidence at the crime scene and the vehicle engulfed on flames was just the icing on top. That same black BMW wasn’t found until the next day and was towed at 1 pm. Law enforcement are starting to prioritize on getting to vehicles engulfed in flames a lot faster in order to retain and get access to whatever information/evidence they can. Some of these vehicles used in some of these crimes haven’t had the same success as this BMW did, as they’re getting spotted a lot faster and put out by firemen at much faster rates. The BMW was found on 194 Street, just south of 16 Avenue.

We don’t know on whether or not these guys were actually hiding in the closet like some Vito Rizzuto shit, but this was a set-up and they both tragically got killed while sleeping. In fact, Joben woke up to gunshots that took his brothers life; before he was also killed in the other bedroom. A video does exist of a neighbour recording footage of what he was correct in assuming were gunshots, before later recording the fire that erupted just minutes after. Law enforcement definitely has access to this footage, and we will be providing it for VIP members in the coming days with a little follow-up to the story. Additional photos of the brothers will also be posted on the sequel.

It really is unfortunate that the younger brother got caught up in the costly decisions of what seems to be Chaten’s. Joben was only known to officials after they realized he had attempted to file a lawsuit in supreme court after he was injured in an accident while driving with another gangster. The crazy part about that is that the lawsuit was filed in 2021, while the incident occurred in 2018; and the accused was none other than a one-time associate of Chaten who was involved in one of his cases. Keep in mind as to who the co-accused were, that we listed above. ????

The streets have reported that it was one of the Samra brothers while others claim it was Basra, bottom line is that bad blood did exist between the Dhindsas and the UN set. Kim explains Joben’s history with the supreme court in this article, but no name has been released as to who the co-accused of Chaten was, that Joben was taking to court.

Eldest Samra on left aka Ravinder Samra and Chucky aka Amarpreet on the right.

The two have been blasted on constant warnings that have been issued by law enforcement and posted on every outlet to notify civilians on the danger these gangsters impose. Both have been shot at and targeted a lot in the past year, with Chucky getting mistaken for the correctional officer in Bikramjit Randhawa and Ravi just recently getting targeted at his Richmond home.

Chucky was known to drive the exact same vehicle that Bikram was driving. The killers also saw a resemblance in a side-profile that they saw and acted out instantly. It shows you just how bad they wanted the younger Samra, but it also is just such a shame that an innocent life was taken.

Both brothers will obviously be dissected in a detailed character profile. But because of the resources that they have and how established they are; they do not back down from all these attempts on their life. They just engage in the violence that much more, and if they’re allegedly capable of carrying out such a devised hit in past associates; we don’t see these guys slowing down anytime soon.

Richmond shooting that almost took the life of Ravi. This car was found in surrey after engulfed in flames.

The house wasn’t completely burned down, so I do have hope in justice. Some of the distant family of the brothers weren’t even aware on how deep the two had got themselves involved within the criminal underworld; whereas some just wanted the slightest of clues on who was behind the tragedy.

Like the Kalkats, the parents of the Dhindsa brothers have no son to carry on the family name and I think the best possible way for the community to really understand the ‘hurt’ that is caused by this gang violence is for these damaged parents to go on air and explain what was taken from them.

These killers aren’t human. They literally wanted the fire to officially decompose the bodies, but luckily they were at-least viewable at the funeral. Whatever Dhindsa’s did or whoever they shook up, it was bad enough to get them killed without having any chance to protect themselves.

Rest in paradise boys.

Because we were in close contact with the Dhindsa family, we only displayed photos that they agreed with us using. Our sequel has additional photos and the video that we were again approved in using.



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