Jimi $lice Sandhu – Part 1 🍿

A lot of people still ask to this day as to how we heard about Slice’s death in Thailand, and the answer remains the same – we really don’t know.. (sextape HERE ???? VIP ONLY)

Almost 12 hours before any other media outlet, we were hit with messages from an instagram ‘burner’ account that ultimately filled us in on what had happened. We had thought nothing of it until we started to pick up on the IG stories posted by members of the Brothers Keepers, such as Sam Gill and Naseem Mohammed (Certi2x).

Right when we saw stories go up, we knew something was up – especially considering the fact that Skidz had just lost his chains to UK rapper; Fredo. Therefore, the lyrics just fit the scenario and everyone around the BK camp were super quiet and questioning as to how I received information like that. The intel we received was so solidified that we had Thailand media outlets reference our investigative work, and finally made us realize what type of potential we had. Another reason as to why I knew something was up, is because Sam Gill had urged us to remove the IG story we reposted, that featured the exact same song mentioning “dead brothers and stolen chains”.

You can click on here for details regarding Slice’s original story, on a Thai journal that mentions us.

Or you can click here for another write up that references us, once again.

Before we begin analyzing Jimi, let’s recap that tragic February week that Skidz and the UN camp had experienced.

It was literally all going as planned, an extravagant and luxurious vacation that Skidz had planned with his close friends and even some family relatives. He had $1 million dollars on his neck one day, and then the next it was forcibly removed by some UK demons.

Skidz chain was taken from UK rap star – Fredo and his associates in Dubai.

We will be dropping that Skidz chain story for another day, but do believe me when I say – A video does exist of the chains being robbed.

Losing his ice that was dedicated to his dead brother and cousin wasn’t the worst thing that had happened to the UN gangster, it was losing his best-friend and right-hand man in $lice. Imagine having to go through a week like that and then try to put yourself in his shoes and try to see why he’s consistently putting out hits on his enemies.

Jimi was gunned down at around 10 pm on a Friday night in Rawai, Phuket and wasn’t found until 8 hours after he was smoked. A maid ran into his body, before contacting Thai law enforcement. Now, we’re going to expand on this a little more but it’s really important to understand that Thai police are severely under-equipped as compared to the RCMP; but yet they still did a job that Canadian law enforcement could only have dreamt of doing.

These guys were running around in flip-flops and using toothbrushes as tools for forensic investigations, meanwhile we have the RCMP setting up state of the art tents over homicides, before calling it quits and leaving the case cold for years. It truly is astonishing as to how they wrapped this up and led one thing to another, before releasing the identification of both suspects for Canadian law officials.

Gene on the left, Matthew on the right. Two individuals that both served for the CAF.

Both Gene Karl Lahrkamp and Matthew Leandre Ovide Dupre had a pretty good get-away plan, and it would’ve probably bought them more time if it wasn’t for the quality work done by Thai police. They practically had these guys issued on interpol’s red notice within days after the shooting. The shooters probably only had a day behind them and the police, and if it wasn’t for the murder weapons being located on the beach shore – they would’ve had some more time to successfully escape. That and all the CCTV footage that eventually tied them to the scene was pretty much the prime reason as to why they didn’t get away cleanly.

At least they got to experience North America before they both eventually faced their fates, and with how fast they both got out of the country; it was pretty evident that they didn’t want to get caught up fighting a vicious first-degree murder charge in a third-world country.

Both flew from Phuket to Bangkok and left Suvarnabhumi Airport on February 6, with Dupre flying to Amsterdam and Lahrkamp to Frankfurt. Police released their photos to the media that were also posted on our website.

It’s actually straight out of a movie in regards to how this all played out. One of the killers was arrested in Alberta, after hiding out in Sylvan Lake. He is now facing the very consequence he tried so hard to avoid, and that’s being extradited to Thailand. Take a look here at the article that explains Thailands extradition request that they filed for the only living suspect.

The other in Gene Karl, was actually apparently killed in a plane crash after he and another wanted fugitive at large were mysteriously found dead after an Ontario crash. It’s believed they were trying to get out of the country but because of inexperienced pilots running the plane, everyone ended up dying. Police say they located the bodies, but obviously we haven’t seen anything. I still think he may be alive but that’s just my personal point of view. Click here for full details in regards to that mysterious plane crash.

Of course the two were paid large sums of money for the contract hit and the main question we all want to know – is did they actually get paid? I really don’t think the hitters got paid (7 figure hit) after all, if Gene Karl had that money; he would be long gone. Before we figure out why or who put the hit, we got to dive into the 32 year old Jimi Sandhu that was known since a kid, for his violent and aggressive behaviour.

Slices last picture that was apparently taken before he was shot to death. He’s pictured wearing the same clothing as he was during his murder.

Legendary picture featuring 2 UN demons. Slice and Gucci (character profile out soon)

Slice was born in India and eventually brought to Canada and raised in the Abbotsford area. His story is quite similar to that of Bindy Johal because of his hard upbringing and facing challenges with his thick Indian accent. Obviously, this didn’t last and when he got to high school he was seen like any other ordinary indo-canadian. It has been fact-checked that Gavinder Grewal (founder of Brothers Keepers), Sandeep Sidhu (Skidz) and Jimi Sandhu all attended the same high school. The other weird part about that is that the three were actually all really good friends ????.

We aren’t exactly too sure on how long the friendship lasted but the drift between GG and Skidz/Slice was very real ???? after high school years. It’s got to do something with the drug trade and somebody doing the other dirty in terms of not negotiating prices correctly. Long story short, Slice and Skidz became a legendary tandem, whereas GG started his own movement.

The war took off and before the Townline Hill Conflict got to it’s worst years, Jimi was facing deportation after being a violent and consistent criminal that Canadian law officials didn’t see fitting into society. He did whatever he could, and even rumoured to have only married Mindy Boparai in hopes of showing the courts and board that he was a changed man. He left to Edmonton, even though the UN set had strong operations set up out there, and started a business. Even going to the extent of pleading with the appeal board that he wouldn’t be able to survive in India if deported, but was still ordered to leave. Take into consideration that he was only 7 when he left ????????, so it was probably the worst thing for him in having to be forced to leave Canada.

The genius in Slice somehow started dating the law student in Mindy Boparai (now lawyer) just weeks before he was charged for the 2nd-degree murder in Matt Campbell (the current RS leader at the time – CP OUT LATER). The savage in Jimi stabbed him viciously after running into him in broad day light, in the public.

When Jimi got deported, his relationship started to fail tremendously. He was caught flying out gorgeous models every weekend, whether it be in Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, wherever. And although it originally seemed to be working (when he was in India), when he got arrested in Goa alongside another Vietnamese gang member – it was pretty much a wrap with Mindy. Slice also is known for his Vietnamese connections, especially with big time boss Billy TRAN (very detailed CP on the way). Click here for full details in regards to his ketamine operation he had tried to get going, before he was locked up. It’s unclear as to how he escaped his prison sentence, but we have confirmation now that he basically paid his way out of the country. He never returned to India after that.

His next known location was in Dubai, and we got some sort of idea on how long he was exactly permanently residing there. In fact, he apparently traveled back from Dubai to Thailand very often and was frequently enjoying vacations with his UN brothers such as Skidz.

It made everything that much more tougher for the UN guys, specifically because the head honcho was not present during the most violent times. Skidz was losing his brothers and younger associates in a bloody war, meanwhile Slice was trying to do whatever he could to assist the guys.

Important to note as well, is that Slice and Skidz original come up was the 60 KG’s of cocaine or 60 bricks that they stole. Apparently it was an asian individual Skidz had met while he was locked up, and Slice and Skidz ended up basically running off with 60 bricks. That was years ago too, when the price of the KG was a lot higher and the Canadian dollar was a lot stronger. This was one of the biggest reasons behind Slice being able to successfully afford the lifestyle he was attaining.

Now because we want to stay relevant for a long time, and don’t want you guys reading for hours on end; we pretty much will follow up each and every character profile. This one will probably have a few just because of how extensive the story is.

From being associated with guys like Binga and Jujhar, Slice and Skidz really did come a long way. We do have some old footage that we will present in the sequel, regarding Slice being beat up and dumped in an Abbotsford berry farm. The perpetrators were none other than BK big dogs in the Dhaliwals and GG.

Some say Tattoo was behind the hit, some say it was the Brothers Keepers; but we all pretty much know WolfPack claimed it. They were first to claim the notorious hit on Jimi, and we saw celebrations come in from almost every high-profile gangster coming out of the WP. Of course, the BK set were ecstatic with the news but no other gang or set moves as advanced as these WolfPack demons. They are technologically advanced and use that to their advantage. It only makes sense that Rabih Alkhalil (criminal mastermind) leads these guys.

UN Instagram burners posted this after lots of rumours were being circulated regarding Gary being responsible for the hit.

Mightve been the worst move Slice made in his life….

Oh yeah… Skidz bought another 6 figure + chain, but this time it was for none other than $lice.


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