Murder-For-Hire: Serge Quesnel

The year was 1993, it was fall, where leaves were turning yellow and the ground was getting cold. But on October 20th, it wasn’t just the ground that turned cold and hardened, but also the heart of a Trois-Rivieres native by the name of Serge Quesnel. A gruesome murder would occur that day, perpetrated by Quesnel and a fellow accomplice. This act would serve as a ticket to Quesnel’s entry to the big time. To live big, but also live fast. Quesnel knew it, hence the act; a stab of the eye, a slit of the throat.

Serge Quesnel was born in 1970, his childhood was spent on the street of Trois-Rivieres (Three Rivers). Although born in 1970, his story begins when Serge Quesnel is just 15 years old, a teenager with a lack of interest for school. Quesnel had rather spend his time at the local strip club, more than in the classrooms of his high school. When he hit secondary 4 (10th grade) he eventually dropped out at 16.

Serge Quesnel

Once he didn’t have to attend school anymore he started his crime spree as a teenager; shoplifting. A small crime to what would eventually lead up to more serious crimes. He quickly learned more and more about crime, escalating to armed robberies as well drug trafficking during his teenage-hood. Quesnel also started frequenting the gym at around this time, wanting to have a more intimating physique at a young age. He eventually made his way up, and rather quickly, working as an enforcer and debt collector for bigger drug dealers in the city of Trois-Rivieres. Continuing to partake in the crime of theft and robbery all the while. Throughout the years, Quesnel had gotten two teardrop tattoos, under each of his eyes.

In 1989, when he was just 18. Quesnel was convicted on a charge of theft. He was sentenced to two years in prison. The twist that came from this conviction is the fact that Quesnel, willingly decided, to serve his sentence at a federal prison rather than a provincial prison. Federal prisons are much more harsh, with inmates that did much more severe crimes or were either career criminals.

Donnaconna Federal Penitentiary
Donnaconna Penitentiary documentary.

You would be right saying that Serge Quesnel was a misled kid, but he knew exactly where he wanted to be and what he wanted to do for a living. To be a gangster. The reasoning for him asking to be transferred to a federal penitentiary was to meet big name career criminals that he could link up with in the future. He wanted to be a career criminal, no matter what it took. If he had to beg a judge to be sentenced to a much harsher prison, it didn’t matter. He would do it.

Eventually Quesnel’s request to be transferred was approved. He served his time in the Donnaconna federal penitentiary, half an hour away from Quebec City and 45 minutes from Trois-Rivieres. He got his wish granted, being taught about crime from more experienced criminals that were incarcerated in Donnaconna.

Drone view of Donnaconna Penitentiary.

His first blood came when he was eventually released and wanting to climb up the game of crime, to be in the big leagues. So, as the story goes, as 1993 turned to fall, he would recruit 23 year old Eric ‘Nose’ Fournier, who also wanted to climb the ranks of crime. Quesnel had made up his mind to what his first murder would be. On the 9th of September, Quesnel and Fournier would set out to commit their first murder. The target; Richard Jobin. A mechanic who lived in Sainte-Foy, a borough in Quebec City.

The murder that would eventually happen, would please certain of Quesnel’s friends at the time. One being Michel ‘Pit’ Caron, member of les Mercenaires MC. The Mercenaires MC might ring a bell. Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin, who was assassinated on November of 2023, in Quebec City, was the president of the club at the time. The MC had close ties to the Hells Angels. Quesnel was also acquainted to ‘Doune’ due to his first sentence.

Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin

Richard Jobin lived in a mobile home on 1471 Rue des Fougeres in Sante-Foy at the time. The duo ordered a taxi to come pick Quesnel and ‘Nose’ up. They would then tell the taxi driver to drop them off, at around one kilometer from Jobin’s home. Hoping the taxi driver wouldn’t notice the link to the crime and the cab ride. When they arrived at the house, one of them decided to ask Jobin for assistance, they asked him if he could help with collecting of a biker who had shot at them. Jobin let them in. Once in, Quesnel knew Jobin hid a pump action .12 guage in his home. After a moment of lingering around, Quesnel went for the shotgun and shot Jobin dead. There was a peanut butter toast lying on the table which ‘Nose’ ate whiling staring at Jobin’s dead body.

Mercenaires MC Lac Megantic Chapter, 1985.

Quesnel wasn’t done expanding his ‘work’ experience just yet. He had another murder he was planning to set out, but this time, with a much more gruesome outcome. Only a month after Quesnel and ‘Nose’ murdered Richard Jobin, the duo had set their sights on another target. This time it was also a mechanic and drug dealer by the name of Martin Naud. Quesnel believed Naud knew too much about Richard Jobin’s murder.

Naud, 25, also lived in the Sainte-Foy sector of Quebec. He had met Quesnel at Donnaconna Penitentiary. He would eventually live with Quesnel on 1754 Rue Sainte-Famille in Sainte-Foy. Throughout the summer they would partake in a series of bank robberies alongside with ‘Nose’ and two other accomplices named Mario and Jeff. During this time the group would also be able to establish a cocaine and PCP drug trafficking ring. Towards the end of October is when Naud became suspicious of Quesnel, and was starting to think that he was Jobin’s killer.

So, on the 20th of October in 1993, roughly a month after Quesnel’s first murder. He and his accomplice ‘Nose’ decided to break into Naud’s house, with murder on their minds. As they apprehended Naud, who was sleeping by the time they broke in, ‘Nose’ tied a shoelace around his neck. Quesnel then stabbed Naud in the eye with a pair of scissors. Not long after, he slit his throat with the same pair of scissors. Quesnel then drove ‘Nose’ to his home in Limoilou.

The idea to kill Naud had come suddenly through a misty haze of PCP use and booze. It was Nose’s idea at first when he scribbled on a piece of paper that he handed to Quesnel. It read “Tonight, we kill Martin Naud”. Quesnel didn’t have to second guess the idea. These two murders had cemented Quesnel’s place in the underworld.

Later in 1993, Quesnel was locked up once again. But not for murder, this time it was for a drug offence. During his time in the pen, he would act as an enforcer for inmates that were higher up in the criminal hierarchy. This was the pivotal moment in Quesnel’s career. During a meeting he had with his lawyer, he was offered an introduction to the big time. This was his chance to connect with the Hells Angels. Upon his release in November of 1994, Quesnel would meet Trois-Rivieres chapter president, Louis ‘Melou’ Roy. Roy would later disappear in 2000, during the biker war with his body never to be found.

Louis ‘Melou’ Roy

Roy would eventually hire Quesnel as a hitman, offering him 500$ weekly with 10,000$ to 25,000$ dollars for every hit. Quesnel immediately accepted. He would later note in his memoir that he would become Roy’s protégé. He looked up to Roy stating he carried a booklet of names, license plates and addresses that Roy would keep on him; a list of people that would cause a problem for Roy. Whether they owed him money, or were going to be a threat to his freedom.

Quesnel’s first contract under the Trois-Rivieres Hells Angels would take place on December 14th of 1994. It was not Roy that issued this contract but rather his vice president Sylvain ‘Baptiste’ Thiffault. The target was a Quebec City chemist by the name of Jacques Ferland. Ferland was working in a clandestine PCP lab and synthesizing the drug for the HA rivals, the Rock Machine. Ferland was considered an easy target as he did not have bodyguards. The reward was big, as this would cripple the Rock Machine’s PCP supply and distribution. Thiffault provided Quesnel with plenty of personal information such as where Ferland worked, his favorite places to dine and what car he drove.

Sylvain ‘Baptiste’ Thiffault

The hit would take place a month later, on the 30th of January 1995. Quesnel would knock on Ferland’s door, to which his friend Andre Bedard would answer. He told Bedard he was a friend of Ferland’s and wanted to see him. This granted entry into the house. As Ferland was walking down the stairs to greet his guest, Quesnel would pull out a handgun and shoot Ferland in the head. He then rushed outside to the getaway car, which Michel ‘Pit’ Caron was waiting for him to take off. We mentioned Caron earlier on in this story, a man which Quesnel befriended at Donnaconna penitentiary. Caron was also a member of the HA backed Mercenaires MC.

Sylvain ‘Baptiste’ Thiffault

This hit impressed the Trois-Rivieres chapter so much, that they immediately gave Quesnel another contract within a few days on the 3rd of February. This time the victim would be Claude ‘The Peak’ Rivard who sold drugs for the Pelletier clan, who would be allied with the Rock Machine during the Quebec Biker War.

The hit took place in Montreal and on that fateful night, Quesnel would spot Rivard’s car and started tailing him throughout the city. Rivard would eventually stop at a red light, which would be Quesnel’s time to act. He pulled up beside Rivard’s car and would shoot Rivard in the head. A police cruiser close by would eventually witness the killing and a pursuit would take place. Quesnel would decide to ditch his car and flee on foot. He successfully evaded police.

Louis ‘Melou’ Roy

Quesnel’s next contract took place on the 23rd of March, 1995. Roughly two months after the Rivard hit. Quesnel had his sights set on Richard ‘Chico’ Delcourt. Delcourt was an independent drug dealer on the island of Montreal. Although, he did not pick a side during the biker war and would purchase his supply neither from the Hells Angels, and neither from the Rock Machine.

Quesnel managed to approach Delcourt and convince him that the Hells Angels were looking to recruit; inviting him to a party the Hells Angels were throwing in Quebec City. Delcourt accepted the offer and had gotten into Quesnel’s car. They put the car in drive and headed towards Quebec City taking Autoroute 40 East. Halfway through the journey, Quesnel eventually took an exit off the highway and drove down an isolated road. Delcourt questioned Quesnel, wondering what he was doing by taking the rural road. He would reply with a single shot to the head from .357 Magnum.

Quesnel would be offered a fourth contract in March of 1995. The target was one of the leaders of the Rock Machine, a man by the name of Gilles Lambert. This would be his biggest hit yet, being offered a sum of 50,000$. Although, before he could take any action, Mercenaires MC member, and accomplice to the Jacques Ferland murder, Michel ‘Pit’ Caron, would eventually turn informant and spill the beans to the cops about the Ferland hit. On the first of April, 1995, Quesnel would be arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Quesnel himself, would turn informant and would later testify in 1997, he was quoted in his memoir, stating “They had me”. He was handed a sentence of 20 years with eligibility for parole after 12 years in exchange for information on the Hells Angels and accomplices including Louis ‘Melou’ Roy. He received 350,000$ from the government for his information.

Louis ‘Melou’ Roy

The police were desperate to have a Hells Angels as an informant to stint the biker war that had just begun. This led to Quesnel having plenty of privileges while being locked up, one of which was that his girlfriend and stripper, Sandra Beaulieu, would be free to frequent Quesnel in his jail cell and have sex with him. He was also housed in a jail cell in Quebec City rather than a prison. The stripper would take a collection of dirty photographs during her visits.

Serge Quesnel (left)

Hells Angels lawyer, Martin Tremblay, would get a hold of the photographs that Beaulieu had taken while Quesnel was in prison. He would use the photos and the fact that Quesnel was being treated so well while imprisoned. Consuming drugs and drinking alcohol. Tremblay would mail these photos to numerous local newspapers, which caused public outrage. There was also the fact that Beaulieu was bringing PCP and other various drugs into Quesnel’s jail cell, which is blatant drug smuggling.

Serge Quesnel

2 officers were eventually reprimanded for letting Quesnel have sexual activities while locked up. They had not been reprimanded for the drug smuggling due to Beaulieu sneaking the drugs in through her vagina. On July 19th of 1995, Quesnel faced charges for the drug smuggling that occurred at the beginning of his incarceration with Sandra Beaulieu.

Serge Quesnel in prison

Quesnel would later invest 300,000$, of which he had gotten from the government, into the stock market which would eventually yield him close to 1 million dollars by the time 1999 had arrived. Quesnel’s testimony would lead to the arrest of 13 Hells Angels member, including Louis ‘Melou’ Roy. By the time the trials came through in 1997, all 13 members arrested were eventually acquitted due to Quesnel not being a reliable witness with the court deeming him as untrustworthy.

A news article stating in which Quesnel is getting zootherapy while in prison.

Quesnel also told the court about a murder that happened on July 29th in 1993, when a car bomb took Lee Carter’s life. Carter was working with HA member Richard Vallee in a drug smuggling operation between the states and Canada. Vallee ordered the hit after it was revealed that Carter was working with American authorities. Carter and Vallee had imported 54 kilograms of cocaine to Canada in the span of 1992.

Hells Angels Nomad, Richard Vallee
Lee Carter
Richard Vallee

Serge Quesnel received full parole on the 24th of November 2015 and is now living under a new identity. He wrote a memoir about his time as a hitman with writer Pierre Martineau.


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