Retaliation – Toni D/Bailey M 🩸:

While the entirety of BC had focused on the retaliation between the Brothers Keepers and the United Nations; youngsters in Toni D and Bailey M followed the exact same script that high profile gangsters Karman and Harb had gone through. The public was so focused and fascinated in the retaliating gang violence that led to two brazen publicized hits in HD and KG; that they ignored young gangsters in Toni and Bailey, whom also fell victim to that very identical situation. 2021 was vicious in terms of bodies being dropped, however the months of April and May definitely take the cake. We saw Karman Grewal get shot to death in a retaliating hit outside of the YVR airport, weeks after Harb was smoked outside Cardero’s. A day after Harb was killed back in April 2021; a 20 year old in Bailey Mckinney was also shot to death, while playing basketball in Coquitlam. Days after that, we saw another youngster in Toni get smoked and was also killed just a day before Karman.

Just in case you guys are a little confused:

Harb Dhaliwal Death: April 17

Bailey Mckinney Death: April 19

Toni Dalipi Death: May.8

Karman Grewal Death: May.9

It really is outstanding as to how all 4 of these gangers went through the very result that we’ve seen to be so dominant in the gang culture, since Bindy Johal’s days. Although the deaths of HD and KG followed professional protocol in regards to these gangs putting up 5-6-7 figures on bounties, the retaliation in Baileys death was actually carried out faster than Harb’s vengeance. The levels between these high profile gangsters and these youngsters was truly exposed when we saw how poor the executions were carried out in Toni and Bailey. Had Toni survived his shooting, the suspects in both homicide cases would’ve been behind bars for life-sentences. On the other hand, KG’s killers still haven’t been caught and Harb’s hitter is only behind bars because of Meninder’s dramatic chase-down. The killers were contracted and paid significantly, whereas we don’t even know if Ahmed Tahir got paid for his revenge-killing. All of this goes to show you how the theme in retaliation will always be consistent, regardless of if you’re a rookie or OG in the underworld.

Before we get into specifics on how these young gangsters poorly replicated the big dogs, we’re going to explain Bailey and how he was brutally riddled with bullets.

Bailey was apparently a good kid but he just had associations to the wrong crowd. That crowd consisted of the same young kids who were basically forced to transform into leaders and OG’s, due to the overwhelming number of senior gang-members that are incarcerated.

Guys like Shmoney, Jay Coz, Ahmed T, Lolo, DrillDoc, Arab and several members behind the scenes, were the guys that Bailey consistently hung around. The motive to this day behind his death is still deemed a mystery and we actually may never be able to figure it out, as the sole shooter in Toni was also killed.

It’s not too common that an associated gangster’s mother will go on live tv to speak about her son’s death, as it’s something we haven’t really seen in the past few years. Most parents these days don’t have a clue on what their kids are up to, and Bailey’s mother was no different. She identified him as she knew him; but little did she know that he was around killers and drug dealers.

Part 1

The new age of ‘gangster’ are kids that come from successful house-holds and we’ve seen this time and time again in the perfect example of the Indo-Canadian community. Due to the intensity that the lower-mainland was up against during those months in early 2021, the popular opinion behind Bailey’s death went along these lines:

In other words – everyone was way to amazed with the name-brand shootings, that they really didn’t pay any mind into a young and unknown 20 year old’s death. We did though, and we started to investigate as much as we could, as all of our time was practically consumed into the UN and BK set’s gang war. We started to ask around and question those who really had a relationship with the kid.

The famous Opp-Droppa will be explored in the near future, but this is a quick visual for you guys:

We will also be talking about Buckshot into greater detail when our BK Set sequel is released.

In reality, it was these type of kids that Bailey had been accustom too, regardless of if they were enemies or not. Most of these kids all grew up together and chose sides when they were exposed to the lifestyles that the gang/drug life teased, but the fact of the matter was that all of them were and are on that path to self-destruction. We’ll show you guys a few examples as to the parties and types of characters that surfaced at that ‘chill-spot’, known as the basketball court where Bailey was killed.

Before we do though, this Buckshot kid really is a character and has only been surviving because of his brother’s name in Suuf Hefner – take a look:

When that same character we just talked about in OppDroppa located Buckshot, who’s seen in the passenger seat ????????

We posted the viral video and were met with an unusual request from the owner of 6ixbuzz, a massive media outlet situated in Canada. We put 1 and 2 together and realized that it was Suuf’s request, as he has a very close relationship to high-ranking members in the BFR set and is connected to guys like buzz.


Something was ought to happen to Bailey as he didn’t have motivation to change and the only guys he hung around were guys that found themselves on the news, for the wrong reasons.

This was the viral picture that had surfaced amongst the province that had headlines reading “5 teens overdosed on a bench”. Those 5 teens were guys like Drillmanz who we’ll later get into on a ????OTW sequel. Even though this happened 2 months after Bailey’s death, it was a safe bet based on his friendship circle that his life would’ve concluded into an early death or jail sentence. Unfortunately for him – it was bullets that dictated his early fate, and he was killed while tragically playing basketball.


It really didn’t make sense initially, as we couldn’t figure out as to why someone would go out of their way to kill this kid in the middle of the day. He had no resume in terms of being known to have been powerful or rich, so we too believed that it was based through a minor dispute that really couldn’t possibly have any sort of gang-involvement. We were wrong, and that’s what led us to further investigate and realize that it was money and turf that came into play, even as little as the debt seemed to be; it still followed the trademarks of these organized gangs/sets.

This was little league stuff as opposed to some of these 6 figure hits we’ve been seeing, that killers have collected and have successfully managed to avoid justice. In Baileys case, his killer in Toni was being closely watched and was days away from being charged, after his poorly executed shooting that had no detailed plan but rather acted out on fulfilling and verifying a fake image. Toni’s killer wasn’t any better, which we’ll get into after we shape up how retaliation was sorted and planned by the likes of the younger BIBO demons.

After Bailey was killed, it was alleged that everyone that had their ear in that circle had ultimately known it was Toni who shot him. Rumours spread and they spread even faster amongst circles that consist of these young DBOYS, and therefore the entire underworld pretty much began to understand that this was connected to the drug-trade and BIBO kids were hungry for revenge.

The reason why we point the leader as Shmoney is because of his brotherly relationship to both Bailey and Toni’s killer in Ahmed. He was the guy to be around and once GK was smoked, it became apparent that these younger kids were now running things on behalf of their locked up leaders. We saw that in Pistol P, as he carried out a contract hit on behalf of the Red Scorpions; which ultimately gave these kids a name that they grew to admire and instil fear amongst peers in the west-coast.

So when Bailey was killed – it was speculated that his associates were already planning revenge and that’s apparently the only reason why gangster’s like Shmoney were satisfied in attending Bailey’s last ride:

He knew the whole time that he had a killer in Ahmed ready to seek the opportunity in killing Bailey’s murderer. It was just a matter of when.

Bailey had allegedly done something to provoke Toni D, who had rivalries at the time with many of Bailey’s BIBO associates. Toni was an established dial-a-dope drug dealer, and he was starting to expand his name and begin his own program that required kids under him. Something went wrong, and Bailey caught bullets. The image Toni developed after being labeled as Bailey’s killer was one that he desired, as he found himself to be more powerful because of the fear he imposed upon others. This was an unstable and unpredictable kid who put bullets into someone that he once knew.

Like Bailey and so many others, he grew up in a normal household and was raised in a life that was positive.

Toni when he was a kid
Shmoney and his friends when they were younger

Astonishing is an understatement, as to how hard it is to grasp the changes that these kids made into becoming killers and gang members. We never could wrap our head around it, and it will always be a mystery because they were given whatever it was in order to succeed.

Like how is it even possible that a kid like this was calling the shots and ordered another kid to kill for retaliation?

It really is remarkable and we are positive that he had a heavy role in producing Toni’s homicide. Ahmed Tahir was the man that they had designated and he is also the man that is now facing a life sentence with no chance to parole for 17 years. This was a kid who had no priors and is now going to be a man when he comes out; that potentially didn’t even get financially rewarded for the task he completed on his gang’s behalf.

When all seemed so innocent and pure, this is exclusive footage that shows Ahmed Tahir partying alongside Shmoney and other’s; in what was now known to be his last party he would ever attend.

He is now doing time behind bars and has started to cope with it, after allegedly being under suicide watch as he was constantly praying too Allah, as stated by CO’s. We hope he knows that the man who he looked up too and was influenced by, is enjoying and living the luxuries of a free man:

Although he has found himself in a pickle, as he was recently charged and arrested for attempting to smuggle narcotics in the prison that Pistol P is residing at. We explained this all in his CP, click here.

Bailey was killed, and it hadn’t even been a full month before they retaliated and successfully killed Toni outside of a Burnaby vape store. Similar to how Toni was allegedly known to have stalked Bailey and his location, Ahmed was tasked on figuring out the dealer’s location for several days before he got to act. He apparently was tipped through an unidentified source as the streets have alleged, or he actually did get lucky in spotting Dalipi and later killed him after waiting several minutes outside of the store.

Some have argued that Ahmed was never given the opportunity to actually get paid for the hit, as he was locked up minutes after the shooting. On the other hand, Pistol P was also apparently not paid and he was able to obtain the bounty/contract, as he was on the run for several months. He even slipped back into BC like an idiot, and we have heard from some sources that he did get to collect some of the money. It really speaks on how unprofessional and unpromising gangs like Red Scorpions have carried out these killings, opposed to the Brothers Keepers or UN guys. We do agree to some point on how these kids and youngsters shouldn’t be recognized or shouldn’t be able to dictate the entire gang’s picture and meaning. And this is based on how they’ve been poorly representing in the last few months. Especially in connection to the poorly devised hits that led to both hitters being locked up. However, these are the same kids/guys that have been selected to carry out operations and therefore they are what best represents the gang/set.

They did what they were supposed to do and that was retaliate for a fallen member, and therefore we do give them credit. But you can just see in the CCTV images on how inexperienced Ahmed looked to be:

Toni in the Grey tracksuit.

He looks scared under that mask, and we know now that he must be regretting every single second of that day. The crazy thing about it all, is that he was being labeled and listed as such as dangerous and terrible human because he just killed an ‘innocent’ man, who we later realized was the same man who put bullets into Bailey. Funny how the world works, let these guys keep taking each other down.

We’re going to conclude this story with the very footage that recorded and captured Ahmed’s every move, during the hit AND after it. You guys get the point though: this younger generation of gangsters will continue to ensure that they follow the same guidelines behind retaliation and other aspects to the culture, even if it isn’t necessarily carried out in the same level of professionalism we have seen with the big guys. Toni killed Bailey because of an image he’s been constantly chasing, after being indulged into the gang/drug world; and Ahmed killed Toni because of his loyalty to his gang that’s been molded into his DNA. Money could’ve been a factor as well, but given how no one assisted him in escaping the scene; we understand it more of ‘little guy taking the fall type thing’. Had they been a day or 2 more patient in carrying out the revenge-killing, they would’ve seen justice work it’s course and Toni being charged for the murder. It was revealed in recent court records that they had Toni under surveillance whilst he was killed, and that played a huge role in immediately capturing his killer – Ahmed.

It’s clear that he too had been fantasizing the lifestyle since he was a young teen and we’ve seen it in his earlier pictures.

Unfortunately for him, he won’t be able to put money in his pockets for a very long time.

This is how the shooting outside of Boss Vapes store on Sixth Street near 13th Avenue at about 7 p.m. on May 8th, had looked:

And this was the famous footage that actually shows the inexperienced hitman in Ahmed Riyaz Tahir tripping after the bullet’s recoil effect, while others claim him to have tripped on his own shoe-lace. Either way, it just shows the rookie level that these guys were operating through:

What came next was quite possibly the most embarrassing get-away attempt we’ve seen in regards to all of the homicides that we’ve covered.

The escape plan was ultimately cancelled without Ahmed knowing because of the overwhelming number of law enforcement engaged in the hunt.

17 years without parole.

He’s comfortable inside though and has been rumoured to have been in a range that’s linked to several members that have links to the Red Scorpions.


Get ready to dive into Renzo when we cover the BK Set’s Sequel:

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