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Our next few days are swamped – in terms of publishing several different highly requested write-ups. We’ll be releasing our Dankmart Intro (only 1 other sequel, conclusion) story for VIP members, later tonight. The actual story won’t be released to the public for at least 24 hours, after launch. Meaning, by 11 PM pst tomorrow – you will have access to the Dankmart intro. Subscribers will also be getting the full complete retaliating story regarding Toni D and Bailey M, at 6:00 pm PST tomorrow. It will be available the day after for everyone else. Weekly recap will be published tomorrow morning, and the Brampton retaliating story regarding Bassi and Joey will be published on Thursday.

Aside from the ????OTD series we will be uploading tonight, we’ll also include the top songs/mixtapes/albums of August, in which we were ultimately listening too. Our Apple/Spotify playlists will be released before September concludes.

With that being said, we wanted to give you guys a few little clips and a little teaser into our story featuring the Adiwal brothers; Peter and Mike Adiwal. Two Indo-Canadian brothers who were heavily linked and involved to the criminal underworld, until they both realized what the resulting outcomes of the lifestyle was. Surprisingly, they’re both still alive; marking a pretty rare occurrence in a west-coast gang war that usually always leaves families without a sibling or son. Considering just how powerful they once were, we believe that they understand that their life can be easily taken away from them and therefore still move with multiple precautions.

The teaser that we’ve included today, involves Peter; the more out-spoken brother who has recently gone viral in his responses towards Rabih Alkhalils infamous prison escape, as well as Jamie Bacon’s ‘snitch-pitch’. We’ll explain more in-depth once we release the story, however the point is that he isn’t shy to speak his mind; especially not in the digital world. Most of you are already aware on his IG handle, especially those that are subscribed; because of our ????OTW episode that spoke into detail about his YT upload regarding Jamie Bacon. But if you aren’t, his instagram handle is @petespotcast and his most recent post is of Rabih Alkhalils escape; in which he compliments his friends masterful escape.

Before we get into some clips that potentially explain as to why Peter and his brother have walked away from the gang-life, heres the full video regarding Bacon’s snitch-pitch.


This was uploaded on Peter’s youtube channel and has racked up 20k views after we assisted in promoting it. Eventually, the likes of Kim and big media outlets shared it as well. Unfortunately, it seems as if he’s not too active and only has a total of 3 uploads.

Here’s some clips to get you excited for our nutty write-up involving the Adiwal brothers. He speaks about the tragic shooting that almost ended his life, where he ate well over 15+ gun-shots. He talks about seeing spirits and demons in the “after-life” whilst he was slipping in and out of a coma. It’s outstanding as to how he survived and can speak about the story the way he does.

We’ve selected just a few clips out of the entire interview.

Peter speaking about the up-bringing that his brother and him had.

Him speaking about the shooting.

Peter talking about how the modern day gangster, aka our current scene and how these guys end up flipping once in jail. Majority of them go into protective custody because they realize the reality they’re living once they get inside.

And here he talks about the whole after-life situation that he went through. ‡️=

There truly is a lot of gems in this interview that Peter had exclusively done for a childhood friend of his. We will be including more of it in our actual story regarding the two brothers, so if you want to get ahead and actually watch the full interview, we’ve provided it below.
Full 2 hour + interview!
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1 year ago

Pete’s a monster

We got more...

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