The Kalkat Brothers: πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Jas (younger brother) pictured above, whereas Gary (eldest brother who just finished a sentence and was living at a halfway home) is pictured below.

We promised a follow-up in the Harb/KG story, which concluded in introducing the retaliating hits that the UN set carried out in the Kalkat brothers. As usual, we’ll be publishing this piece without certain ???? clips on the regular blog, just as we tend to do with every big piece. Eventually, we believe that more people will start to realize that we offer more for less in comparison to some of these other major media outlets. For an example, to even read articles on TheStar you need to pay well over $20 a month.. bear with us until we get back to full strength and start to receive assistance from other content creators.

Without further a due, let’s look into what exactly happened after Karman Grewal was fatally smoked in that wild YVR airport hit, that still has not seen any progress into any arrests; or justice for that matter.

One of the most disrespectful captions we have seen in regards to these gangsters going on “burner” accounts and bragging about their enemies being killed. Things like these that Karman’s associates were reading and hearing is what influenced such a fast response in killing 2 BK members.

We weren’t over-exaggerating when we mentioned that this seemed to only be the beginning of what was to come, and it’s pretty evident that we were correct. Plenty of homicides and scenarios occurred after these hits, however what makes these so significant is that it all literally occurred days apart from each other. The ending of April 2021 and entire month of May was a time we will not forget and that’s because we saw names go down that would ultimately encourage the gang conflict – that much more.

It was clear that the head honchos in Skidz and even Slice (alive at the time) were furious and upset in the death of their right hand man; and the only way they were going to calm down is if they made the Brothers Keepers feel the pain and suffering that they were going through.

Skidz bought the chains after the retaliation was successful for his dead cousin in KG. The chain on the left is dedicated to his fallen brother; Nav – who was shot to death in Alberta, a few years back.

And that’s exactly what they did, money was being placed on each and every BK member that these guys could get their eyes or ears on; reportedly even hitting the 6 figure mark. They were not looking to wait for results and therefore ensured that the bounties would attract and motivate these gangsters/killers in getting the contract job done with more urgency.

It hadn’t even been a week since they lost KG, before they got revenge in killing Jaskeert Kalkat outside the Cactus Club in Burnaby. Click here for Kim’s article on the Jas shooting.

The first hit that was carried out in response to KG’s murder. Jas was with 2 other people, including the female victim who ended up surviving ????????. We shape this up a little more as the story progresses.

Jas is a BK member through family association, as he is first cousin to big time boss in Amandeep Kang. Kang just recently posted bail, more to be explained in the sequel to the BK set.

Certi2x, otherwise known as Lilman; showed his tribute to the fallen gangster that he was really close with. You can see Jas with a $50k watch on his wrist, living life without no worries. Take a look at some of the history between the 2 demons whom have both been allegedly involved in multiple unsolved homicides. You can even read about Jas’ criminal history that also involved Jagraj Atwal in one case.

After embarrassingly allowing the murder suspects to successfully escape in the YVR hit, law enforcement were put on a tight spot after the retaliating brazen shooting that killed Jas, and almost took the life of his girlfriend. That’s the thing to remember, this retaliation was so insane that no one was to be ruled out; regardless if you’re an innocent female who has no ties. Once you start to analyze the situation more, you get to realize that the shooters had to go out of their way in having to fire rounds at the female in Chelsie Shokar.

It seemed as if she had not been in the same vicinity as Jas, and was a few feet away until she started to run and was also fired upon.

She was found against a wall, just a few feet away from Kalkat. ????????

Her father is also apparently an officer with the VPD. A few threads of some controversy had erupted after the shooting, but we really do believe that the girl was just caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Click here for that thread.

The following footage will contain graphic content.

Dash-cam footage from another vehicle that was at the mcdonalds in the same plaza.

Those hitters were not playing around. They let bullets fly everywhere.. RIP jas.

Here’s Kim recapping the night:

Rest in paradise Jas Kalkat.

When they got Kalkat, they wanted everyone to hear about it – especially the BK set.

We all know how Jimi played out.. RIP $lice.

Another one that we received was from none other than dead gangster Karman Grewal. Now, obviously he was dead at the time, however a member of his circle had messaged us on the fallen gangsters account.

It was quite shocking as to how much these guys were celebrating and publicizing the fact that they were behind the hit. This was revenge at its finest and most thought the war would turn tides in the BK set’s favour, including our platform; however – we were wrong. The guys up top weren’t satisfied and wanted more in return for the fallen soldier in KG. Keep in mind that Skidz and Slice have more money than most of these BK’s, excluding Shrek.

Next thing you know, the Brothers Keeper’s weren’t even given a full 9 days to mourn Jaskeert aka GunzGang before they lost the other Kalkat, in Calgary. On May.22, at 5:30 pm – Gary was shot to death in his vehicle that was parked in an alley; just 9 days after his younger brother was gunned down. The attackers were so persistent in targeting Gary that they held no regard for anyone else in potentially being harmed.

“Immediately after the shooting, suspects abandoned their first getaway vehicle, a stolen Honda Odyssey van with a stolen license plate, in the alley of the 2200-block of 31 Avenue S.W., and transferred to a second getaway vehicle, a blue, four-door Subaru Impreza. Before fleeing this scene, witnesses reported seeing at least two suspects light the stolen van on fire.

It was executed through a well devised plan, that ultimately had to consist of knowing the whereabouts of his location through the use of a tracker or maybe even information obtained by corrupt government officials. Some even went as far in claiming that someone with access to correctional databases had to have been involved; as no one should’ve been aware on where the well known gangster was residing. He had just completed his 3 years for a fentanyl bust, when the BK set decided to begin operations in the YYC area.

He had just completed his sentence and was appointed to a halfway home that only certain officials should’ve been aware about; and was also apparently officially out of the criminal lifestyle. He showed constant progress in displaying to certain individuals like counsellors and parole officers that he was motivated in legitimately starting a dog-breeding business. He wanted no part of the old lifestyle he was involved in, and he saw that it was a correct decision; especially after losing his youngest brother.

Little did he know, Skidz and slice wanted more, and to potentially get rid of a whole blood-line that belonged to the BK gang; couldn’t have been more appealing for the bosses. Revenge may have felt good and reassuring, but the UN guys knew that it would be temporary.

This game really has no end. Some of these hits that seem to be retaliated for, may still haunt some of these gangs and high profile gangsters in the future. Nobody forgets, especially if its family that was lost. The only real victims here are the parents that now don’t even have a son that can carry the name.

We personally believe that the UN guys took it a little too far in taking out Gary. That just escalated things to a level that they may have not expected, and now that another big time member in MD has just been killed – it’s only expected that things will get hotter.

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