The Kang Brothers – Intro

This is a very long read. Before you start, you should familiarize yourself with our Shmoney, Drilldoc, Lololundski, BK Set Profile and COTW edition that stars ARAB. These reads will all help you understand the Kangs, that much more.

Randeep Kang (deceased)on left, Sameet Kang (incarcerated) on right.

The Kang brothers were another trio of gangsters in the west-coast, that found themselves involved within the criminal underworld since they were young teenagers. They were just another set of brothers that had their feet in the lower-mainland gang/drug life, similar to the likes of the Dhaliwals, Grewals or even Bacons. It’s almost as if all these gangsters and high profile criminals have 1, if not at least 2 other siblings involved. We’ve seen it time and time again throughout the years, in the Alkhalil family to the Dhaks and even the old school Dosanjh brothers.

Bacon Story Scheduled Release : Sunday Sept.4/22

The most powerful gangsters have usually all had a sibling also involved, but eventually tend to share the same fate as the Kangs. What was originally three blood brothers with close relations to the Brothers Keepers, has developed and turned into nothing but tragedy for the Kang family. A fully blown out war that had resulted due to disloyalty and mistrust, ultimately disrupting a family blood-line/bond between the Grewal and Kang family; turning cousins into enemies. Imagine your parents and inner family circle having to turn their back and engage in a war against distant relatives/cousins, because of the decisions their sons have made. Parents are starting to lose a grip on their kids, and it seems like things have switched in terms of who’s really dictating family life these days.

Randeep was 27 years at the time of his death, Sam is currently 31 years of age, finishing another 7 years in jail and Gary was only 24 when he was fatally smoked.

As for the Kang family, things really started to go down-hill ever since Randeep Kang was gunned down. Tragedies continued to follow in the coming years, as they faced a massive police investigation that arrested numerous members of the family; and of course, the recent brutal death of youngest brother Gary Kang.

Eldest Kang brother on the left, was gunned down by T-SAV (brothers keepers rapper/hitman)

Although we’ll be covering T$AV in the sequel to the BK set’s profile, it’s important to note that he was on the run for a pretty long time. While he was hiding out in YEG, he managed to record a hit song with mainstream rapper Pressa and BK associate Certi2x. The song is pretty self-incriminating and it’s outstanding as to how he managed to stay undetected from law enforcement, as long as he did. The other individual in the clip is Jagvir Malhi, a member of the United Nations.

Gary Kang was killed early last year, with his parents having to witness the brutality. It wasn’t much that the parents and family hadn’t been through or seen, as the only hope was just murdered in front of them. Gary was in a way the only sign of life and hope that the parents had, and that’s because Randeep was obviously taken from them; and Sam (middle brother) wasn’t/isn’t going to be able to support the family for another 8 years. Sameet is still completing his time after being sentenced to a total of 14 years, with a total of 7-8 remaining, after time/credit served. Can’t imagine what he was going through, and ultimately being refused escorted access in attending his final brother’s cremation/funeral process. Law enforcement deemed it a potential risk to the public, as Sam is a known gangster who could be harmed if enemies were aware he was out.

We’ll get into him as we progress into the intro.

What came next was potentially the rawest and most symbolic result, to all of the gang violence and blood-shed that the brothers had gotten involved with. The father of the boys had just recently passed away after several complications with his health. It really goes to show you that these actions that these kids and men are making, will come back and effect the family. A man that worked hard in providing a rich quality of life, was the same man who had to witness 2 of his children get shot to death, and another spending a decade + behind bars. He literally had to watch his youngest get gunned down, in a disturbing series of events that no one really knows aside from the parents.

Rest in paradise SR.Kang.

It was ‘Project Territory’ that practically dismantled the Kang family, but first we’re going to get behind the scenes of the upbringing and earlier years that the three went through.

Childhood pictures of Sam Kang (below) and Randeep Kang.

In terms of pictures and footage, it’s very rare to find Randy (eldest brother) on anything. This is particularly because of who he really was, as it’s argued that he was the most innocent out of the 3. Being the oldest, it’s usually expected that you’re the most dominant and connected (shrek for an example); however it was different within the Kang structure, as Sam had that pull. When Randy was shot to death, the family did whatever they could in depicting Randeep as a genuine, family oriented individual.

Randeep had other aspirations, before realizing he needed to fully support his brothers. We believe he only became fully involved in order to protect his younger bros, but eventually received the bad end of the stick first. When Gary was a troubled teen in his high-school years, he would run to Sam for support rather than his eldest brother in Randy. A prime example of this is when he was involved in that legendary fight we uploaded on our youtube channel that features other high-profile gangsters such as Jas Heer.

It was alleged that Sam was the one who ensured Gary was to never be messed with, from this day forward. It was Sam who officially linked the brothers to the Brothers Keepers gang before also making the official decision to cut all ties and turn into a Red Scorpions member. We’ll get into this as we progress.

???????????? GK FIGHT

Although they seemed to have been linked to criminal ties since a young age, it’s safe to say that their parents did whatever they could possibly do, in ensuring that they gave their kids a great life that was full of support. They did their very best, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to get these kids back on the right track.

They made sure that the boys were fully invested into god and made regular visits to the Golden Temple in India. In some of the pictures, you can clearly see that Gary isn’t too thrilled in being there.

Rest in paradise to both of them.

We don’t really know exactly when the Kang’s actually became apart of the BK set, but it was during the original foundation. Sam had close ties to several of the gangsters, and ultimately got his brothers just as involved. No bad-blood had existed until he was allegedly turned behind prison walls, from the likes of Jamie Bacon. This is the confusing part, in that it hasn’t been fully understood as to who the Kang’s were plotting on. Was it Shrek or was it GG? In our opinion, we believe things really began to escalate when they approached another BK member and asked for assistance in setting up the eldest Dhaliwal. Jamie has always wanted Brian’s head, and it was a perfect opportunity to have him killed with Sam showing up in one of his dominated prisons.

Shows the dominance the Bacons have in BC prisons.

Sam Kang, Gary Kang and Sam Gill.

Unfortunately, what came next was a surprise to the Kangs and the spark that ignited a very bloody war. BK’s got word of the planned hit that the Kangs had devised with a BK member that had sold them out, and ultimately got first blood by sending out hitman T-$AV in potentially killing both brothers. Randy was the only one who was killed, with Gary being shot a few times. Take a look at his viral jail call we posted on YouTube, that he had with a previous girlfriend.

VIRAL JAIL CALL ????????????????????????????

Gary mentions several individuals such as Teflon “Sam Gill” and T-SAV by referring to him by a racist name.

After the shooting – Gary had brought his jail dreams to life, by forming a record label based on underground Vancouver Hip-Hop. He was inspired to do so after meeting key figures in his camp, such as LoloLanski, Arab and eventually DrillDoc (once GK was released). BIBO entertainment will be further explained. Keep in mind that his brother Sam, was still incarcerated and not given bail because of past convictions, whereas Gary was out on bail; after that massive investigation that also had his parents arrested.

This meant that Sam could only express his anger and revenge through jail calls, that ultimately assisted his brother in getting things going. This led to more charges, which will be later discussed in the sequel to the intro. Sam won’t be out until 2029, but we do believe he may be out sooner with good behaviour and parole conditions. With that being said, Gary was able to cover the famous chest tattoo, whereas his brother wasn’t. However, it’s rumoured that he has now received jail ink and has begun the process in removing that tattoo.

The famous tattoo is of course:

Randeep had just died and the brothers were trying to continue making money after getting revenge and getting BK leader GG killed. Social media started to become a more popular outlet in which gangsters on both sides started to disrespect each other. It really didn’t take off until the release of LoloLanski’s Dedman that took shots at GG’s death, and after the death of GK. These guys were even going at it with each other.

Anees Mohammed was apparently killed by BIBO members. He was shot to death just a few days after Gary was killed. He had links to the Brothers Keepers.

It was honestly getting out of hand, and it was truly the birth of all these net-bangers that exist in regards to the west-coast gang violence. We even saw shots being directed at BK rapper such as Certi2x who was accused of killing 2 high-school students, with one having alleged links to the BIBO set. Nobody was safe during the early months of 2021.

In our BK Set sequel

Now that you get the picture as to what the war looked like on platforms such as Instagram, we’ll progress with the remainder of the intro.

Once again, bad news hit the family as they were subject to a massive investigation that was dubbed “Project Territory”. Randy would’ve been included and arrested if he was still alive.

The project pretty much put a wrap to the successful drug operation that the Kang’s were operating through the assistance of big time demon Kyle Latimer (detailed CP otw). Kyle’s story is quite fascinating as he ensured that his father would not do any real time behind bars. He took the fall as any gangster in his position should’ve. Although many argue that it was Latimer who was pretty much behind the show, guys like Sam got hefty sentences. Many individuals associated to the Kang group were also arrested which ultimately put the group/set miles behind other groups. It’s been speculated that they never really had the same foot or grip in the drug trade, after project territory.

Guys like Kris Ghuman and other close associates to the brothers were put away for a long time, which contributed to the set ultimately losing it’s place in the drug-trade. Too many of the ‘big-time members’ were in jail, resulting in a leadership that consisted of nothing but kids. With Gary getting cut out of the picture, it got even worse.

GK’s best friend. Not sure if he’s still incarcerated or not. He was in jail while GK got shot to death though.

After getting things on track legally, Gary seemed to have a good understanding on how tough it was going to be in operating at the level that they were previously accustomed too. It’s alleged that this is when BIBO became a significant chapter in his life, realizing that he had a legitimate business/record label that he was passionate about. Thats not to say he had completely cut himself away from all criminal ties related to the drug trade, because he was still invested into specific family/business affairs that his brother had aligned him with. This is where Jazzy Sran aka Karamjit Sran comes into play, as the drug lord was most recently linked with the younger Kang before his death. Sran was shot to death at his Abbotsford home, several months before Gary was killed.

We’re unsure if both deaths were related, but it’s a known fact that they were on the same team. In fact, in the legendary track that Lolo recorded in “Dedman”, a visual was apparently in the works and it actually features one of Sran’s vehicles that he let the label borrow. The visual has still not been released, but the day it does – expect things to turn upside down.

BIBO’S most significant song ever.

The alleged vehicle that is used in the visual is:

More on Sran to come in the coming weeks.

Even though Sam was fully aware that he couldn’t assist his brother from inside without risking more of his freedom, he was satisfied that GK had Jazzy to turn too – if all else failed. Before Gary was killed, Sam was at a point where he was compliant in finishing the remainder of his sentence and didn’t want to add any more years in his time. When Gary was killed, rumours started to circulate that he was going insane and is hungry for revenge. We don’t blame him, as he now remains the only surviving brother in a lifestyle that he had brought upon them.

The real question that we all still ask ourselves is whether or not this war would’ve gotten to the point it has, if RK hadn’t gotten killed. The answer remains the same and that’s because it was the Kang brothers who initially drew themselves apart and initiated that drift between themselves, and the Brothers Keepers. Sam will be in longer than Jamie Bacon, which brings up the point on whether or not Bacon will show that same loyalty trait that the Kang’s had given him. In other words, Sam literally went against his family in the BK set to side with a dominant force in JB; ultimately resulting in the death of both of his brothers. He showed Jamie that he was loyal in engaging in that whole initial set-up plan regarding Shrek, so will Jamie come out and seek vengeance on behalf of the Kang family? We think not, and that’s because he has a lot of his own problems and matters to handle and deal with.

It’s a shame because the Kang’s really did start a whole movement with the underground hip-hop scene in the west. SK was probably immensely proud of his youngest brother who had aspirations that no one really believed in, after getting out of jail. GK was the first to start a label that corresponds with a known gang, but legally ensured everything went by the books. Labels like CTB (BK set) followed, after seeing the success the BIBO label was receiving in its artists that all have criminal associations with the brothers. He gave these kids a way out, ultimately opening up an avenue for them to earn money as signed artists and not have to invest themselves in the criminal underworld. It was fascinating as to what he was doing with the scene, even taking it to the point where he had to fight in supreme court; for the audio recording of MG in the “Dedman” song.

They won, and the song is still released on streaming platforms.

GK attended court with his artist in Lolo Lanski

We’ve always argued that the CTB roster was delivering more quality in terms of music releases, but our respect for GK and what he built will never go away. CTB had visual after visual, even managing to get some pretty big features, whereas BIBO members were continuously getting into trouble with the law. Although his roster and label are at a very tough point, financially, we think that the label will eventually succeed again with visual releases in “Dedman” for an example. It also helps when some of these rappers get released and start dropping again, such as Jvne with his newest release.


It’s tough, considering the pockets of the label dried out when GK was shot to death in front of his parents. Another big time rumour that we also believe in, is that GK and his guys were technically robbed after he was smoked. It was alleged that the drugs and money he had for the line he had controlled, was ultimately stolen from a female that was recently linked to the gangster. Basically she heard of his death, or was even in on it, and took off with the product and pretty much anything else that the Kang’s still had. This will be explained more in our upcoming sequel to the intro. With the eventual releases of some of the Kang’s closer associates, we only see these guys getting back to business.

BIBO Members seen celebrating after the death of GG.

In our sequel you can expect a way more detailed look into the BIBO entertainment label that the Kang’s founded, as well as a closer look into both GG and GK’s potential suspects. We will get into Randeep Kang more extensively as well as Sam and his life before prison. Personal relationships including past girlfriends and potential females that were involved in some of the blood-shed will also be explored. These are just a few of the points we will make sure to cover in our follow-up to the Kang Brothers. If we had incorporated everything in this one piece, it would be ridiculous. Some stuff will add up more than others when the sequel is published, whereas other situations may never be solved.

The truth is that we probably won’t be hearing about any real justice for the Kang family in terms of GK’s homicide. Fortunately, they got justice for RK after law enforcement’s conviction on TSAV, as well as the retaliation hit on GG. For Gary though, we haven’t seen any justice whatsoever. The killers were clearly well experienced in the hitman trade, as they managed to quietly enter the Kang residence and cleanly execute him even with both parents allegedly making it as difficult as they could. The stories are rough, and you can only imagine what was going through the minds of GK. The only respect the killers do deserve is for not assaulting or touching the SR Kangs.

Can’t really expect justice from a group of youngsters who have no idea on what it takes to be as dominant and powerful as the Kangs once were.

A group/set that was feared by many for it’s dominance and power it held in the west, has ultimately transitioned into one that’s filled with teenagers. Red Scorpions/BIBO need some of these OGs and older members back on the streets, so that these kids can follow a lead and start to get organized. It’s getting messier by the month it seems, as Shmoney and Jaycoz were the two recent BIBO members to have been arrested. They were involved in a scheme that attempted to smuggle drugs over a prison wall, with a sophisticated drone that was meant to supply the narcotics to well known BIBO member Pistol P.


2x when he was on the run. Lundski asking for a house tour so he can potentially figure out his whereabouts. We explain more on why they originally disliked each other, in our sequel.

Gk’s watch that he let every one of his members wear. ARAB is the current member that has possession of the watch.

Somebody found GK back from the dead.


If you made it this far, thank you and we hope you enjoyed the piece.

As always, we love the constructive criticism!


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1 year ago

Most these dudes caught up in the lifestyle and smoked before their brains are fully developed. What a waste

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