The King Of Xanax: Alexandre ‘Alpraking’ Beaudry

On the 12th of May, 2022, at around 10 o’clock in the morning. 2 assailants entered a luxurious building of condos in the Montreal sector of L’île Des Sœurs (Nuns’ Island) on Rue de la Rotonde.

Alexandre Beaudry being wheeled out of his condo.

The assailants made their way to the 29th floor with one objective in mind; to get a password for a crypto wallet. The target; 31 year old Alexandre Beaudry. The duo rang the bell by the condo door and presented themselves as delivery men, only able to deliver the package in person. While opening the door, the duo made their way into the 1.7 million dollar condo, then they physically assaulted Beaudry and restrained his girlfriend. 1 assailant was armed with a firearm, but no shots were fired during the crime. The duo then beat the crypto password out of Beaudry, his girlfriend made it out unharmed.

Alexandre Beaudry

After the incident, the police and ambulance service showed up, wheeling Beaudry, on a stretcher, into an ambulance. Bandages visibly wrapped around his head. The police could not resist snooping around the condo, which was deemed a crime scene. They wondered how Beaudry managed to pay for the condo with 1.7 million in cash which was bought in October of 2021.

Authorities stumbled across a pendant which had a similar design to the Quantik and Alpraking logo used on packages of clandestine made drugs on the dark web. But who was Alexandre Beaudry? Why did the perpetrators do what they did and why?

The infamous ‘Quantik’ Pendant authorities stumbled across.
Alexandre Beaudry

Alexandre Beaudry was no innocent man but rather an international drug kingpin known as ‘Alpraking’. Manufacturing his own drugs, from steroids to research chemicals and his specialty, Xanax and selling them through the dark web. He was also behind a business named Marketing Evolyx. 

Beaudry first found himself in court in 2014, the police found tens of thousands of pressed pills which he stood trial for manufacturing steroids and counterfeit drugs from a clandestine lab. He was served an 18 month suspended sentence. In 2015 to 2017 he was estimated to have made 6100 bitcoins which is roughly worth 161 million dollars today, under the name of Alpraking, Quantik or BenzoChems on the dark web. Other sources reported he made as much as 18,000 bitcoin throughout the years with American press making him responsible for the Xanax epidemic in America.

Beaudry had made acquaintances on the dark web, even having his own site where he would sell his contraband. He had befriended and gotten dark web vendors to buy and sell his drugs for him. Allegedly, he held an Ask Me Anything on Reddit claiming that he was an ex-kingpin that retired in 2016 and had never gotten caught when both those facts are false.

On the 30th of June, 2 months after the attack. Police made an appointment with Beaudry to identify the assailants. What he didn’t know, was that the RCMP had a warrant out for his arrest, but it was the United States that wanted him more than anything, linking the pendant police found on the day of the assault with Alpraking’s logo. After the appointment the RCMP swooped in to make his arrest. He managed an offshore Swiss bank account who were planning to notify him that the DEA and American authorities were looking into him, but they were a day too late.

The DEA had Beaudry in their sights for more than a few years. Canadian law is known to be far less strict than American law, which is why Beaudry would never cross the border, even when he was invited to have a beer with a friend from across the border. He faces 3-4 years in Canada, but possibly 40 years in the United States if he is indicted under the ‘Kingpin Act’. Which is why the states want him extradited, they blame him for the Xanax epidemic and want him to face trial in Connecticut. The Canada Revenue Agency also put their sights on Beaudry, demanding 1.24 million dollars due to him buying his luxurious condo in cash and not taking out a mortgage out on it.

The American authorities believe Beaudry would escape at any chance he gets and destroy evidence online. Rightly so, Beaudry put 54 million dollars aside in case he had to go on the lam, unfortunately the RCMP got to him before that. Reports from a witness said that Beaudry buried a few million as well as had more millions in his offshore bank account and several bitcoin wallets, hence, Beaudry was stashing millions like a dog burying bones.

Beaudry’s press operation.
2mg, Hulk’s and School Busses pressed throughout the operation.

He is currently held at Rivières des Prairies prison awaiting his extradition to the State Of Connecticut where he is charged with trafficking 15 million benzodiazepine pills. His 2 lawyers, are fighting the extradition request, noting that the search warrant of the day of the assault was unlawful and using his autism to contest the charges. In November of 2022, Beaudry was denied bail. It might take years for the extradition request to take hold.

Beaudry and his team of lawyers are presenting the argument that his autism might be of concern while contest his extradition to the United States. They are presenting cases in such that his autism might interfere with his time in the penitentiary. Although, this might sound like a bullshit argument, I have heard a a numerous amount of people that have worked for Beaudry in his prime (2014-2017) that his attitude has been quirky and fell into the description of someone who might have been diagnosed with autism.

After all, an individual who can excel in chemistry and use it to eventually make money is a special individual. This past Friday in court, American authorities presented their case in efforts to extradite Beaudry, although it it only the Minister of Justice who can pull the trigger, meaning only the Minister who can decide whether he is extradited or not. If he is extradited, it would be to Connecticut federal prison, in which he would face 40-some years compared to 4-5 years in a Canadian federal penitentiary.

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