In our November Recap – we explained how we will be resuming video uploads on both galleries (subscribers and non) on Sunday the 13th, along with the continuation of our VOTD series. Since we begun the series yesterday night for our VIP members, we decided to get this rolling as well!

For those that are new to the blog and are confused; we basically run the series on both blogs due to certain guidelines that restrict us from being able to upload and publish specific content (graphic) without a disclaimer. The only difference between the two is obviously the type of content. With the VIP blog you’ll find that the episodes are generally a lot more uncensored and mature, whereas these usually consist of news-related scenarios.

Today’s ???? concerns an incident that occurred in Brampton, earlier today on Remembrance day. But before we get into the situation and explain our reasoning on why we’ve selected it for today’s episode; take a look at why our Set-Up Thotiana series is our most anticipated write-ups on the blog:

Very legendary video that was first featured in our week 1 or 2 episode. It shows you the reality behind these thots and how they have transitioned into powerful forces that have the capability in breaking longstanding marriages and relationships. Ashley is a very bad girl and we will be covering her in detail in our upcoming episode. Get ready subscribers!

We hope his wife got a divorce and that’s because one of our spies had ultimately gotten a secret photo of the two cheaters. Excellent work jr.6ixak!


We got some more user-submitted content and it seems as if we’re cracking the story first, as we still haven’t come across any articles or any sort of information regarding the incident. Considering how it’s been described as a robbery that includes a victim being hit with bullets, and multiple other house members attacked with a hammer; this is something we will be investigating. We think media outlets will get on this tomorrow morning, however we also don’t rule out the fact that this could’ve all already been solved by law enforcement, or the fact that the victim may not have been badly injured; as the reasoning behind why we haven’t seen any articles.

The individual that submitted the video had also explained some valuable details regarding the victim home:

TP refers to transportation. In other words, a TP usually consists of an old Indo-Canadian man that drives a truck across international and domestic borders. However, just recently we learned that TP’s from Brampton can also be old European men.

For some reason though, we believe that this situation didn’t involve a ‘Zenon’ but a ‘Gurdeep’, and that’s because of the location that the crime had occurred in.

It’s safe to say that being a TP is one of the hardest jobs in this world. Sure it may come with a great pay, or a fast and easy route in purchasing a house and getting “rich”; but at the end of the day it has consequences that last a lifetime. You can be doing your job as correctly as you always have been, but if the border isn’t in your favour that day; you’re potentially down millions of dollars to some very dangerous people. It leads to bad results, and we’re surprised that this wasn’t Zenon’s home.

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