Tristan Cheetos Tribute:

Today’s ????OTD will serve as a tribute for the fallen DBOY in Tristan Cheetos. He’s had associations in the past with the Brothers Keepers and just recently was working independently on a drug line he was running. Cheetos has had quite the life and experienced incidents that those twice his age haven’t even seen, and it really is unfortunate that he went out the way that he did. This is a kid who’s seen it all from getting shot in the leg, to kidnapped and stripped naked by his enemies and also ultimately doing the exact same thing to the other deceased DBOY in Asher Khan aka VD.

We are going to show you guys some throwback clips of the demon and some of the experiences that may have led him to overdose. Addiction is never a joke and NEEDS to be strongly addressed in the gang-scene/culture and that’s because pretty much every one of these gangsters/drug-dealers are using some sort of substance.

Before we show you some footage that may have you feel sorry for the gangster, we want to show you guys what he did to the dead gangster in VD aka Asher Khan, a young man who was shot dead at a Kelowna Gas station just last month.

Why would he do that to such a young kid you may ask?

Well this is what Cheetos himself had experienced:

The other picture is very disturbing and can be found on our Shmoney CP.

Basically he got caught lacking and was sleeping in a friends vehicle while they were camping for the weekend. Someone called his enemies in Shmoney and the BIBO demons, and the rest was history. It was so cruel that they even allegedly shoved sticks up his buttocks.

He directed this to:

This was his old friend… its crazy how they all switch up on each other for some money.

Here’s the fight that his workers were involved in: (the other one is too violent and will be uploaded on vip content shortly after our ????OTW episode is released)

Rest Easy Tristan… Guys please know what you’re taking!


Why couldn’t they take Drillmanz instead ????? Cheetos was actually a good guy and we enjoyed his presence as he was always very involved with our platform.

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1 year ago

rip biggest southside demon

We got more...

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