Indian Funeral Gone Wrong: 😱

Some Indian female from the Calgary/YYC area just recently went viral yesterday, after uploading a series of videos on her TikTok feed. She’s mainly receiving more backlash than anything else, because she recorded her own family acting out at the funeral; but because of the overall situation – we kind of get why she posted it.

Long story short – A father/husband/brother/son/etc had just passed away and his funeral was in attendance by all of his close relatives and friends. Unfortunately, his wife had noticed the “mistress” that her husband was involved with and she was having absolutely none of it. It gets pretty wild and I don’t think anyone in that family will ever forget this funeral.

What a ???? show!

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1 year ago

What an amazing way to completely embarrass your brown family, FFS you don’t need to film and post your personal family conflicts for the world to see in order to get some minimal clout.

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