Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings πŸ“Š:

Hells Angels ????#1 A lot of people tend to disagree when we include the bikers in our rankings because they believe they should be looked at as a club; rather than a gang. However, we beg to differ as the group has dominated the west-coast scene for decades now, and continues to align themselves in positions to support others – such as the BK set. We may not see them being blasted on the news everyday like some of these other gangsters hailing from the UN or BK set, but it’s safe to say that the weight they hold in the drug trade; is unmatched by any other gang or organization. An important part as to why they’re #1 is because of how silent they move as compared to these other groups – we never hear about a HA gangster being smoked (very rarely).
Wolfpack ????#2Wolfpack has constantly found themselves at the top of our rankings for a very long time. These are guys that are technologically advanced, 2 steps ahead of law enforcement and are actively engaged in the west-coast scene. Even though majority of the leadership may be dispersed in several different countries, it’s the technology and PGP phones that bring them together. We just saw them star the year off with a successful 7 figure hit in Thailand’s Jimi Slice homicide. They stayed quiet for a bit, especially as Damion was locked up but just recently shook the world with a masterful prison escape in Rabih Alkhalil. They even have a book that talks about the group and how advanced they are in comparison to these other gangs – and we believe that was just the gist of it. These guys are unmatched and will continue to hold power in the west.
United Nations ????????#3These guys are the real mystery. Why? Because we really don’t even know who is actually calling the shots. We see majority of the violence involving Skidz and Slice’s group of guys, but we don’t even know what really is going on behind the scenes. The UN set lost an important asset in Jimi to start the year and they even were victim to several other incidents such as Skidz losing his chains. It’s the way these guys bounce back that has included them at #3 currently, Skidz got his chains back (post out soon), they retaliated in the Slice homicide with the recent name-brand killing in MD and have consistently showed that the money is not slowing down. We still got to look into the bigger guys like Billy (cp out soon) but these guys are definitely a mystery and will continue to make sure they’re heard in BC.
Brothers Keepers ????????#4The Brothers Keepers find themselves at #4, closely behind the UN gang because of the recent loss in big time member – Meninder Dhaliwal. This was a guy that meant a lot for the group and the loss was extremely substantial for our rankings. However, these guys are known for retaliation and the whole ‘get-back-saga’. We have seen it throughout the years, one of the biggest was the revenge-killing of KG at YVR international airport. Unlike the other top 3, the BK set also have an influence through legitimate avenues such as music. They got artists that hail from the BK group such as Certi2x and are ultimately shifting the west-coast scene. We got little kids screaming “BK4LIFE” because of these songs and that helps these guys in the rankings. Expect them to climb very soon, something big is stirring as Shrek has still not got his revenge after his youngest brother was just shot to death. That whole triple shooting had nothing to do with Shrek, it looked like it was just a drug deal that had gone extremely wrong.
Red Scorpions ????#5The Red Scorpions used to find themselves at the top of the rankings – a very long time ago. Unfortunately, because the gang has practically shifted into a prison-dominant set; they have been unable to shift the lower-mainland scene in comparison to these other sets. So many of their big guys are either locked or dead; and it has taken a toll on the gang. Jamie Bacon’s viral phone call where he’s allegedly attempting to get one of his co-accused in “snitching” – didn’t help either. They’re losing points everywhere that isn’t a jail cell; however with the future releases of big time gangsters in Sam Kang and even Jamie Bacon – these guys will eventually be back.
Ruffians ????????‍♂️#6As much as we seem to ‘dog’ and clown on the Ruffian set, they actually do hold a presence in the lower-mainland. #6 was up for grabs and there really is a lot of up and coming groups that we will start to highlight, but the Ruffians are the clear #6 in our opinion. They got drug lines set up throughout the province and have shown that they can rebuild and maintain even after crazy investigations meant to crumble the group. You can read about them more on our set profile, but this gang is only getting bigger and are already responsible for several unsolved homicides. It’ll only get worse and because of their affiliation with the United Nations, they may even be climbing the rankings one day. I guess the people were right in calling out Skidz and Slice for paying “dippers from India to do the dirty work”. We never really caught onto any of it until dissecting the Ruffians and realizing the connections they have with UN gangsters such as the Samra brothers.
2022 Rankings:

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1 year ago

Big circle not make enough noise to rank?

1 year ago
Reply to  Alex

Ya I’m pretty sure a lot of the Asian gangs would be ranked either at par or just below HA

1 year ago

How come it’s never mentioned that UN started off not allowing brown guys to join?

1 year ago


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