The Basics Of Contracted Killers: 🎥

Whenever we undergo an investigation or look into a gang-related homicide of some sort, one of our first instincts is trying to piece together some sort of picture on who the victim is. We’ve done it over and over again and it’s because we have always gotten fast and reliable info on a victim’s name, which then results in us being able to determine who potentially killed them (enemies, debts, etc), as well as why they were riddled with bullets. When you get to a certain point in this criminal underworld similar to the likes of guys like Tattoo, Skidz, Shrek, etc; you get your dirty work done for you. This is how the ‘underworld of hitters’ has thrived in todays day, with no signs of slowing down in terms of the demand or supply for the service.

In almost every case that we’ve covered in regards to the gang war out west has had some sort of connection to a hitman. It’s becoming so frequent and it feels like every hit that we’ve seen recently has some sort of bounty or contract associated to it. Ripudaman Malik was shot to death by 2 little kids who had no idea who the man was or what he did to deserve bullets. The only thing that appealed to them was the money they received for the job.

We don’t want to get into too much detail regarding a hitman and that’s because our good associates in IDCBTV & 416DEMONS have uploaded a great video that explains these Hitters:

Great video that looks at some prime examples of contract killings in the west.

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