The 3 Yassin Brothers 🐀

In this brief story you will get to discover one of Yukon’s largest drug programs, ultimately dismantle in a matter of months because of a weak kept circle that had no true understanding on what loyalty meant.

Appreciate the wait.

This was essential for us to release, as it has been a prioritized user-submission in-the-making for the last 7-8 weeks. Don’t worry though – Samra CPS up next.

This entire write-up will be highlighting these 3 brothers. (YOSHI FAR LEFT, HAMZA AKA H BOTTOM RIGHT, YOUNGEST BROTHER TOP RIGHT)

It’s no secret that we’ve been absent on our blog – however, we have still tried our very best at keeping our social platforms such as Instagram & Twitter up to speed. And because of this, we are still receiving tons of submissions from all over the country – with the most crucial one coming out of Yukon.

We were contacted by a couple of DBOYS a few months ago (whom we later found out to be the Yassin brothers), and had accepted a user-submission in posting another well-known DBOY in:

Also known as Swish Gotti – he was known for having a very successful phone out in Yukon.

We eventually realized that this was something more then just your average user-submission, this was a case of loyalty gone wrong & a trio of brothers attempting to get revenge. Long story short, Swish & the Yassin brothers practically built up a very dominant phone-line in the province of Yukon. The line was ringing bells all across the country, to the point of certain Toronto rap-stars even being well acquainted with their names.

These kids were bringing in 6 figures + every month, and the most important thing about it all was the fact that they had good relationships with all of their customers/junkies.

At one point, Yoshi (The eldest SNITCH brother) had left the province to focus on another phone; and thats when things started to shift differently. The streets began to understand that these Yassin brothers were some of the most disgusting rats to ever have surfaced OT.

Life truly was good, up until they got raided & charged for drug-related offences:

When the program got put to a halt because of the ongoing investigation/charges that Hamza & Swish had received, things seemed to turn for the worse. It was alleged that the brothers decided to turn on Swish because of overall frustration. After all – they did take full credits in building that phone; meanwhile Swish was the one who actually put in work on the streets of Yukon.

Long story short – Swish decided to get out of the game completely and focus on restarting his life the legal route, whereas the Yassin brothers decided to restart/rebuild in a whole new province (Alberta).

Yoshi (the oldest brother) was originally close with SwishGotti (Currently out of the game – was originally being blasted on our platforms after the brothers created false narratives via photo-shop/etc.

Yoshi has had a pretty lengthy past in regards to his criminal history; and was therefore extremely lucky that he did not get caught up in that Yukon shit-show:

Hamza aka H (the individual getting stomped in the introduction ⬆️ )

Fast forward a few weeks later – and the 2 older Yassin brothers whom were at one point known for their money-making abilities, had ultimately transitioned to snake-like creatures by devising a plan that ended up resulting in this user-submission.

We actually had no conversations with Swish until he was released from prison (you’ll find out why – continue reading), and it was because he was upset with the rumours that had surfaced on our platform. These were all rumours that the Yassin brothers had ultimately paid us to post: (here’s a few examples)

They sent us some pretty big submissions to submit photo-shopped images that ultimately created a disturbance in Swish’s life:

Swish didn’t get to clear his name until he was released from prison (after being sentenced for unrelated crimes). When he did free up, he ultimately let us know that this was a case of 3 brothers whom have ultimately tried to ruin his life because of a debt that they did not want to clear.

And instead of keeping it to the streets, they devised another rat-infested plan:

The streets went crazy a few weeks ago, when everyone had learned that the Yassin brothers got kidnapped and held for ransom; until a 250 k fee was paid to the assaulters. A full day hadn’t even passed, when the brothers decided to once again point fingers at their old associate:

They even went as far as actually lying to investigators, and that’s because they were so convinced that Swish had to have had something to do with it.

It truly is a shame that these brothers have seemingly forced their youngest brother into this life of crime, and it goes to show you that family tends to always follow each other, right or wrong. It’s been alleged that the youngest brother was actually trapping and living in Yukon, while he was actually supposed to be in 8th grade:

The following is a compilation of some of the content/screenshots we have obtained from the middle brother, as well as his eldest brother in Yoshi.

NOT only did the brothers constantly create false narratives surrounding Swish, but they actually talked to us a lot regarding Mohit.

Many of us are already aware on the fact that Mohit from YYC had recently witnessed his father getting shot in the leg, his dog murdered, and robbed of over 200,000 in cash; however, what we don’t know is the fact that the Yassin brothers may have actually been involved.

The individual (pictured above) is seen flashing Mohit’s money, and was actually murdered a few weeks later.

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