Today’s top three will feature very new songs that have been released by west-coast artists.

The latest hit from the BK/CTB set. It features Certi2x who is now incarcerated and therefore could not be available for the video shoot. Or it was during the time he was on the run. Jaye on the other hand is the label’s hottest talent, and if you listen closely – you’ll hear the reference he makes in regards to Karman Grewals YVR homicide.

BIBO entertainment rapper and Red Scorpion gangster in JVNE has recently been released from prison. He was inside for quite some time, and is back with BIBO’s first visual in a very – very long time.

New video/song coming out of the Brown boys label. It features a surrey artist that is signed onto Byg Byrds roster in Fastmoney RK. RK has had allegations in regards to him being a known drug trafficker, but he’s consistently dropping heat and fire visuals on a monthly basis.

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