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Today’s top three was a little delayed due to personal circumstances.

However we will be featuring songs released in 2022 once again – but this time not limited to BC.

Rexdale native PVRX just released his new visual in “Hope You Understand”. Obviously he finds himself on the opposite side of the fence in regards to the gang/rap war going on in Toronto, however he is very talented as he can both sing/rap at a high level. This was just released today.

Our next ???? of the day isn’t as new as the other 2 on today’s top 3, however it was requested by hundreds of people. Therefore, we decided to share it for you guys so we don’t have to respond to each and every one of you in regards to the track. It was the same audio that was played in Jimi Slice’s tribute that his ex-wife in Mindy had created.

Our next song is another recently released in being 3 days new. It features rising star in CITODK who’s had a lot of hits in the last 2 years. He is also from Toronto.

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