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With the recent news of ‘Baby 2’ aka Tyjae Noseworthy-Smith being the primary suspect in the Pickering casino homicide; we have decided to release an unreleased banger featuring Baby 2’s CEO in Bundog.

The crazy thing about this homicide is the fact that Baby 2 was only 17 at the time of the shooting. The current rumour is that he was not allowed entry into the casino (because he was under-age) and decided to return to his vehicle and grab his firearm. TPS definitely knew he was their suspect, and actually waited until TODAY (Nov.8th – his 18th birthday) to release this information. It’s safe to assume that he’ll be enjoying his birthday on the run, potentially already on his way to one of the Wass Gang’s safe havens in Saskatoon or BC.

Not only does it include Pressa’s brother on the hook – it also includes Vancouvers very own in Certi 2x aka Naseem Mohammed (Brothers Keeper).

We got an absolute legendary video that we will be releasing in the coming hours. It shows Certi 2x giving the beats to one of his workers when he was residing in Surrey.

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