Today’s video of the day will look into the triple shooting that had taken place at the Mexican hotel known as Xcarcet, which took the lives of 2 well known Canadian criminals. Early January, what’s now known to be a cartel hitman, approached the resort with a guest wrist-band (verifies that you are a paid tourist/customer) and was greeted by his victims before he eventually put bullets into them.

For the most detailed article that covers up pretty much everything that’s known about the shooting, can be found HERE.

Officials allege they had been hired to kill the two Canadians because of a reputed multimillion-dollar debt tied to guns and drug trafficking. It was one of the most brazen daytime hits that Cancun has seen, ultimately killing Robert Dinh and Thomas Cherukara and injuring a female friend.

Dinh was very well known and was wanted heavily by law enforcement in Canada, before he fled the country back to Vietnam. It is unclear what his moves were after his life in Canada, however he was also wanted by US authorities. It is alleged that he had several connections to cartels in Mexico, but had owed lots of money regarding a previous drug deal; resulting into his death.

Thomas on the other hand was just an accomplice to Dinh, with most believing that he was caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Although he does have quite the resume in regards to his criminal history, as he was involved in a very big project investigation that police in Ontario had conducted. In other words, he was well known – so we really do not know if those bullets were also meant for him.

What we do know is that the female in Ceara Jessica Sahadee Yari, definitely didn’t deserve any gunshots but luckily has survived the ordeal.

Before we get into the videos, an interesting thing to note was that the nanny that Dinh had hired to watch over his kids while he enjoyed and conducted business on his vacation was also arrested. She apparently assisted the killer in some sort of info and was caught on camera.

Can’t even trust your nannies.

“A gunman dressed in a powder-blue or grey tracksuit shot the two men at Hotel Xcaret. The hitman had been walking with the doomed pair just minutes earlier.”

“Then, suddenly, he began firing, squeezing off at least five rounds.”

Here’s another source of information that was published by a Cancun outlet.

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