Today’s ????OTD will feature 2 different scenarios, one more news-worthy than the other; as it just occurred a few hours ago. Our first regards a potential hate-crime that had taken place in June of this year. It recently has been awoken from the push of media outlets, after the victim’s family has appealed for any information regarding the tragic incident. In doing so, they allowed law enforcement in revealing the CCTV footage that ultimately shows the vicious encounter which left the Sikh priest for dead. Thankfully, he’s still battling his injuries in the hospital to this day; but it’s been confirmed by the family that these were life-changing injuries.

Our second will feature the recently kidnapped 34 year old out of Memphis, known as Eliza Fletcher. She was last seen jogging at around 4:20 am this morning, and was seen on CCTV footage getting kidnapped and forced into a SUV. Not much is known, aside from the fact that one male has been detained and the SUV has been located. It’s got human trafficking written all over it, and the first 48 hours is the must crucial. Before we know it, she’ll be shipped to another part of the world and will never be located again. Law enforcement is going intense, and the rich family has already put up a reward in regards to tips. Some say the family is getting a lot more assistance and attention because of their wealth, but this is just absurd to us because of the severity in the situation.

We hope she’s found, but we’ll first dive into the hate-crime VOTD.

Potentially left brain-dead for the remainder of his days, why would anyone in the right mind do this to a senior citizen? United Kingdom is known for its brutal violence that’s been influencing the likes of kids as young as 8. It seems as if the suspect in this case was proof of the country’s failing system.

Watch the full video.

Basically, the elderly Sikh grandfather had accidentally brushed into an idiots girlfriend, and the result was to brutally beat and hospitalize the helpless man. The attack took place about 2 months ago, on June 23rd just before 6:30 pm; in Manchester, England. Sikh communities are very present in the UK, as they’ve been apart of the country’s culture for several decades now. Racism definitely does exist, but because of the vast majority of Sikhs in the country; it’s crazy that it’s gotten to this level.

Again, it’s pretty much everywhere in regards to media outlets. The story was viral from the very jump, and has regained its spark after the recent family appeal.

Our second VOTD will feature the active investigation that is going on for the missing woman. Mother of two, Eliza was frequently spotted running in the neighbourhood that surrounds the University of Memphis. Her phone and water bottle were found smashed into pieces, just a few meters away from the scene of her being forced into the SUV. It’s unsure as to how many suspects were involved, but it’s pretty evident that more than 1 person was involved.

Here’s the appeal that the family recent put out in regards to their beloved Eliza.

Another video surfaced of the cops raiding a home that they believed was involved to the kidnapping. A suspect was arrested, but still no sign of the teacher.

The best article that includes almost everything about the abduction, is found here.

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