2 Businesses Shot At In Montreal Throughout The Last 24 Hours

As we saw with Ali Chabaan’s resto-lounge the Antika, shooting businesses seems to be a method of intimidation throughout the province of Quebec. It doesn’t just stop at shootings, but criminal arsons also; we say a handful of businesses in the Quebec City region go up in flames and be a target to Molotov cocktails. Contrary to popular believe, it isn’t just pizzerias and Italian restaurants being targeted, but business’s of all sorts including massage parlors and vape shops owned by outlaw bikers.

Avanti Le Spa

The first shooting had taken place in, not Montreal, but it’s neighboring island, Laval, located just minutes away. At around 1 o’clock on Thursday (15/03/2024), police received a call on how an alarm system went off in the Pont-Viau sector of Laval. The shooting was aimed at Avanti Le Spa, a spa salon which is a franchise located on 1432 Boulevard Saint-Martin.

Avanti Le Spa
SPV at Avanti Le Spa.

The business was located on Boulevard Saint-Martin West, a huge boulevard on the island of Laval, close to the McNamara intersection. The projectiles had only managed to impact the windows of the commerce, but was still concerning to authorities. No one was injured. Video footage was recorded at the scene of the crime but not released.

The second shooting had happened only an hour later, in the Mont-Royal sector of Montreal, a very wealthy part of Montreal. The shooting had happened on Cote-de-Liesse Boulevard. It occurred at an automobile dealership named Etcetera Prime Location, located at 5760 at Cote-de-Liesse road.

Etcetera dealership.

The two shootings being a executed a half an hour between each other is most likely a coincidence but just might have been related. The only question that comes to my mind is; why would someone be targeting a franchise? The answer to this question has yet to have been answered.

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