2 Killed, 1 Injured In Coquitlam Shooting: 🎥

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Things seem to get worse by the day, and when the public feels like the gang violence has slowed down; we get hit with news like this:

Reports are still unclear as of now, but all signs so far indicate that this is yet another gang-related shooting. 2 men have been confirmed dead on the scene, while one was visibly injured and captured on video pleading for assistance.

Global News got to the jump pretty quick, as did RCMP officers when they were called to the area of Dawes Hill Road and Mundy Street around 7:45 p.m. after receiving multiple 911 calls about a possible shooting.

When officers arrived on the scene they found multiple shell casings and two unresponsive people inside a vehicle, police said. Both were suffering from gunshot wounds.

A longer clip of this suspicious arrest/take-down by law enforcement can be seen below. It’s assumed that this is a video of suspect(s) in the homicide being arrested. Although unconfirmed, it appears that the situation is handled and that arrests were made almost instantly.


Similar to our opinion, Kim also believes that this was linked to the ongoing lower-mainland gang war:

And here’s the viral clip that no other media outlet will present to the public unless they steal the content and fail to credit us, something we expect.

We believe that the individual pictured in the thumbnail was the surviving victim. In the video you can hear him say something about him getting shot as well, and trying to identify himself to police. By looking at his appearance, it’s very obvious that this was gang-related.

Given the fact that a prominent member of the Brothers Keepers was also announced deceased today, some have already stated this shooting as an act of retaliation. We’ve been hearing that the victims in the triple-shooting were none other than UN members, but this is all speculation for now. Dino, the BK member that was found dead earlier in the day was alleged to have overdosed, while his enemies stated the fact that he was poisoned on purpose. However – after posting about the death, we were swarmed with messages from close family and friends to the gangster that all explained his death as a heart failure.

And if that’s the case, we don’t think this triple shooting had anything to do with Dino.

Rest Up

More information to come, as we learn more and start to identify some names.



  • Only certified updates as of now was when law enforcement revealed one of the victims in 25 year old Ramin Salah. Keep in mind that none of the victims had criminal records, including the surviving one.
  • No PRIMARY suspects have been arrested or located as of YET; however rumours suggest that an individual who was assisting the killers with transportation and whatnot was arrested. If this turns out to be correct then it’s quite obvious as to what that video/arrest was concerning.
  • The other video which we explained as the victim; and outlets suggesting it was a suspect, has been confirmed as being the surviving DBOY in the vehicle. Rumours have already begun in stating that the survivor was in on the shooting.
  • We’ll provide visuals of Ramin once we 100% confirm and determine who the other victim was.
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1 year ago

There is no UN

Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
1 year ago

City’s heated stay safe

1 year ago

What’s the Surrey video about?

Mike hunt
Mike hunt
1 year ago

The kid that got injured his name is breezy

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike hunt
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike hunt

The kid is not in a gang he’s a square 9-5 type shit

Michael jackson
Michael jackson
1 year ago

Give me back my xons bro

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